Secure – An Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed the “Hand Hygiene” approach and to address the critical and urgent need for effective preventive hygiene needs of the nation ZERO B has designed automatic hand sanitize DISPENSER & SANITIZER – ZEROB SECURE

Touch-less automatic hand sanitize dispenser provides you the defined amount of liquid sanitizer automatically just by placing your hands under the Sanitizer tab to quickly clean and sanitize your hands. It comes with ultrasonic based sensor.



Compact wall mount design


Chemical resistant components inside


Low wastage well confined spray design


Electrical safety from consumable chemicals


Easy top filling storage tank with level indicator


Touch less Ultrasonic based automatic dispencing


Magnetic lock given for ease of removing the front cover for check


Switch mode power supply with microprocessor based controller

Sanitizer Tank Capacity 5 Litres
Mode of operation Contactless automatic
Product weight(Net) 3.1 kg(Approximately)
Product dimensions (LxWxH) 150 x 320 x 485 mm
Mount type Wall Mount
Working Voltage/ Power consumptions 230 V AC , Idle Mode- 4.5 Watt & Spray Mode-36 Watt
Tank MOC Chemcal Resistant SAN Material
Power Supply SMPS
Auto sensor type Ultrasonic Based Contactless Sensing
Sanitizing Discharge 5-6 ml with capacity of 1000 sprays per fill
Bodyy Material High Impact ABS
Power ON indication Red LED
Sanitizer spray Active Green LED