ZeroB Suraksha Pluspro

ZeroB Suraksha Plus Pro (Gravity-based + 15 liters storage)

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Safeguard your family against water-borne diseases. Suraksha Plus Pro is an easy-to install water purifier without electricity with 4 stages of water purification. It efficiently removes mud, sand, dust, and other suspended particles through a high quality filter, bacteriostatic activated carbon, active disinfectant, and a special magnitude.

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Globally Acclaimed Resin Technology

Kills bacteria and viruses that cause water-borne diseases.

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Cartridge Purification Life

Gives 3,000 litres of bacteria and virus-free drinking water.

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Non-electric Purifier:

No electricity or boiling required.

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Removes Physical Impurities

Efficiently removes mud, sand, dust, and other suspended

Technical Specification

Capacity of upper fill container 5 Litres
Capacity of Purified water container 10 Litres
Purifier flow rate 200 ml/min
Turbidity Removal By 70%
Net Weight (kg) 2.4
Product Dimensions (H * W) (mm) 610 x 320

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ZeroB Benefits

Iodinated resin technology

permanently kills bacteria and virus that cause water- borne diseases like polio, diarrhoea, typhoid etc. and gives pure drinking water


No electricity or boiling are required

Cartridge Purification Life

Life-Gives 3,000 litres of bacteria and virus-free drinking water

Bacteriostatic activated carbon

silver impregnated activated carbon removes excess iodine, chlorine, organics, colour, and foul taste from water

Transparent Tank

The transparent tank is made up of food-grade material, which helps to see the water level