ZeroB Autosand Filter

The ZeroB Autosand Filter is designed to remove turbidity and suspended matter in raw water, which enhances the performance of softeners and larger RO systems.An automatic sand filtration value, filter media, and a media holding vessel are the key components of this unit.

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No User Interface

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Automatic Backwashing

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Suitable Pre-treatment for Larger RO Systems

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3-stage process cycle

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Longer Shelf Life

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Automatic Backwashing Ensures Consistent Water Quality

Technical Specification

Model 3AF
Tank Size(pressure vessel) 13" x 54", 2.5" top opening
Flow rate up to 3.0m3//h
Working pressure (Kg/cm)
Minimum Maximum 1.8 3.5
Multigrade filter media High-Grade Sand, Garnet and Silex.
Inlet outlet fitting 1 " female thread
Drain fitting 1 " female thread
Electrical supply requirement 230 VAC, 6Amp
Process valve Fully programmable automatic valve powered by 12VDC/1.5Amp adaptor
Inlet turbidity <20 NTU
Turbidity reduction Better than 50%
Inlet suspended solid <25 ppm
Suspended salt reduction up to 80%

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ZeroB Benefits

Automatic Filter

An automatic water filter with enhanced performance, user friendliness, and improved turbidity and suspended solids removal that gives clean water

Suitable Pre-treatment for Larger RO Systems

Enhances performance of softener & larger RO

Automatic Backwashing

Programed backwashing requires no user interface to ensure consistency in water quality



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