D Ferrous Iron Remover

India’s first iron remover designed for Indian households.


ZeroB D Ferrous is the most effective and innovative shield against iron that eliminates iron precipitates in water effectively. Along with that, it removes foul odour and even leads to a reduction in the consumption of soap and shampoo. Additionally, it acts as precursory treatment for RO water purifiers up to 25 LPH.

Pure Drinking Water

Pure drinking water

Helps in eliminating foul metallic taste and provides soft, quality drinking water.

Extremely User-Friendly

Extremely user-friendly

It is fitted with a unique user-friendly backwash valve that regulates all function.



The filtered water helps to keep skin soft, glowing and healthy.

Iron Remover model Flow (LPH) Iron Level (PPM Max) RO Product Suitable Output (liters) Backwashing Time
MINI IR LPH 250 Backwash Daily
IR 10 1000 10 TO 300 LPH 5500 Backwash Daily Backwash for 20 min. with 1.5 Time service flow
IR 20 2000 10 10000
IR 50 5000 10 FOR HIGHER CAPACITY 34000
IR 75 7500 10 RO Products 50000
IR 100 10000 10 67000