ZeroB UV Grande Plus ( UV + Active Silver Technology)

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The revolutionary water purifier redefines the purity and security of the treatment water. The Zero B UV Grande+ Water Purifier is the ultimate remedy against photo-re-activation of microbes and re-contamination of water as it is backed with patented ESS (Electro Sanitising System) technology, which releases ACTIVE SILVER IONS and HYDROXYL IONS in the water.

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Next-gen UV Technology

Next-gen UV Technology paralyses diseases causing bacteria & viruses

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Hexapure Technology

Hexapure Technology purification ensures pure and safe water

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LED Smart Indicator

Indicates the health of water purifier and water quality.

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ESS technology

ESS technology to protect tank water and prevents germ buildup 24×7

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6 stages of water purification

Technical Specification

Dimension (L x W x H)[mm] 275 x 230 x 370
Unit Weight 4.4 kg
Purification Flow Rate 1 ltr/Min
Inlet Pressure 0.5 to 2.0 kg/ cm2
Power Rating 20 Watts
Storage Tank Capacity 6 litres

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ZeroB Benefits

Next-gen UV Technology

The 6 stage UV water purification system paralyses diseases causing bacteria & viruses by disrupting genetic cell making the water safe to drink

ESS Technology

A UV system backed up with ESS is the remedy against recontamination of water, which releases active silver ions that keep your water pure and safe around the clock

Higher Shelf Life

Keeps your tank water safe for drinking for more than 7 days

Quartz Glass UV Lamp

Protects the water from contamination right from the time it passes through the nozzle till it flows down to your glass

LED Smart Indicator

Simplified smart LED panel with Power ON and Process ON for easy operations and helps to indicate the health of the purifier and water quality



Technology description ESS Technology

ESS Technology

ESS is Electrolytic Sanitizing System which is a silver ionization based patented purification system. ESS also keeps the components, tubing and the purifiers’ water tank sanitized, i.e. germ-free, hence the product water is safe to drink 24×7.


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