ZeroB Lab-Q

Pure and ultra pure water is essential for preparing chemical reagents, microbiological buffers, media as feed water for laboratory equipment. And so, the INDION Lab-Q series, a range of water purification system has been designed to produce different grades of pure water instantly for all the laboratory applications.



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Automatic Flush Device (AFD)

Ensures periodic cleaning of the filter system.

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Dry Run Protection

Ensures protection of the pump when inlet water is unavailable.

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Optional Filtration

POU capsule filter can be attached at the point of dispensing to ensure compliance to microbial reduction values.

Technical Specification

Dimension (L x W x H) [in mm] 275 x 230 x 370
Unit weight 12 kg
Purification flow Rate 12 litres / hour
Storage Tank Capacity 6 Litres
Max. Recommended Output 70 Litres / Day
Inlet Pressure ( Min / Max) 0.5 -2.0-kg / cm2
Inlet Water TDS (Max) 1500 ppm (Subject to hardness of inlet water been less than 500 ppm)
Rejection of Salts (TDS) Up to 95%
Pure Water Recovery Up to 70%
Water Saving More than 80% water compared to other RO purifiers
Sediment Filter 10 Micron
RO Membrane 1812 x 1
Power Consumption (Max) 30 Watts
Stages of Purification 9
Pre-Filter Combo block with filter bag
Post RO Protection E-Health catridge with ESS protection
RO Booster Pump 36 V DC
Water Saving Catridge NOVA Catridge


Technology description ESS Technology

ESS Technology

Sanitizes the entire water purifier, along with water purifier components, prevents slime formation and keeps purified water free from contamination. Thus, ensuring pure and safe drinking water.