We’ve led the Indian water treatment industry for over four decades by being a pioneer in our field, enjoying the first-mover advantage and a reputation for quality and commitment. Our total water management portfolio is practically unrivalled in the industry and our solutions are preferred by diverse industries, homes and communities across India and overseas as well.

Widely considered to possess the best domain knowledge, our people are our greatest and most competitive asset, and we attach as much importance to their development as to technology.

We are perhaps the only Indian company to set up Employee Benefit Trusts way back in 1985 and which now hold around 23% of our stock. This along with Employee Stock Options contribute to a strong sense of pride and ownership.

Work Culture

You will find our work culture to be professional, result-oriented and challenging while at the same time, lively and comfortable. An open-door, informal climate provides ample occasion to interact and exchange views with corporate management and business heads. This helps you benefit from their experience. Cross-functional exposure enables tremendous broadening and value-adding to skills and experience base.


Learning organizations are the organizations of the future. Human Resource Development is, therefore, a focus area, and our personnel are recognized as the best trained and most experienced in the industry. Emphasis is given to product, application and functional training – through individual on-the-job training as well as structured group programmes.

Training in technical as well as managerial and soft skills are provided in-house by our HRD department and by sponsorship to external programmes. A detailed training calendar is prepared at the beginning of the financial year enabling departments to plan ahead for training and development.

Career Path

You will find that organic career growth is characteristic of our company – a number of senior positions are and have been held by those who have demonstrated their
capabilities and have thus risen up from within the company.

We introduced a system of career progression way back in 1977. This is intended for planning career growth in such a way that skills and abilities develop
progressively; greater use is made of these and recognition accorded through widened job responsibilities and career growth.

In 1987 we introduced a system of performance appraisal against objectives or key result areas, set and reviewed jointly, half-yearly and annually. We consider the
appraisal process important because it helps identify the strengths of a person, the potential for development and growth, areas of improvement and
training required. It also serves as a tool for long term human resource planning and development.

Current Openings

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