ZeroB AutoCarbon

ZeroB Auto Carbon Filter is a new generation of activated carbon for the removal of chlorine, undesirable colour, and odour from the water. The ZeroB Carbon Filter is an automatic carbon filtration system that delivers clear water from chlorinated water. It is designed to remove all the unwanted chemicals and organic compounds like chlorine, pesticides, and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that may be present in the water.

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No User Interface

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Automatic Backwashing

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Suitable Pre-treatment for Larger RO Systems

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3-stage process cycle

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Longer Shelf Life

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*For removal of chlorine, undesirable colour & odour from water

Technical Specification

Tank Size (Pressure vessel) 13*54*2.5 top opening
Flow rate up to 3.0 m3/h
Working Oressure (Kg/cm2)
Minimum Maximum 1.8 3.5
Filter Media Activated carbon, Resin & Coarse Silex
Inlet, Outlet and Dran fitting 1"
Electric supply requirement 230VAC, 6AMP
Process valve Fully programmable automatic valve powered by 12VDC/1.5 AMP adapter
Outlet Chlorine Nil
Outlet Colour, Odor Nil
Note: Minimum 1.8 Kg/cm2 water pressure is required for Auto carbon filter operation, Pressure drop of the Auto carbon filter of specified flow rate is around 0.8kg/cm2, Technical Specification are subject to change without prior notice.

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