Eco Chill RO

High-Recovery RO water purifier cum storage cooler that ensures pure, cool and fresh water.



Zero B Eco Chill RO water cooler system comes with revolutionary RO + HRR + ESS Technology. It comprises of an efficient, powerful and sturdy, cooling and warm water system. There are different variants, out of which the flagship model of Zero B offers 3 temperature combination; Warm, Normal and Cold which makes Eco Chill RO a unique product and solution for drinking water in all three seasons. HRR Technology reduces water wastage by 80% and gives upto 70% water recovery

ESS Technology

Sanitizes the entire water purifier, along with water purifier components, prevents slime formation and keeps purified water free from contamination. Thus, ensuring pure and safe drinking water.

Dynamic Monitor Control

The new Zero B eco chill water cooler is equipped with unique Dynamic Monitor and controller (DMC) system which informs the user about quality, temperature of water. It also gives early warning for replacement of unit

Water Tank

A high food-grade stainless steel water tank to stored purified water for drinking. SS 304.

Taste Enhancer Cartridge

A unique mineralizer improves the taste of water by correcting the pH value of water & adding minerals.

20 / 40 / 2040 / 80 / 40150 / 150 / 150
Water Storage Capacity40 Litres80 Litres150 Litres
Water Cooling Rate20 LPH40 LPH150 LPH
Water Cooling Capacity with 10°C Temperature Drop35 LPH65 LPH245 LPH
No. of Faucet122
Dynamic Monitor and ControllerBlue backlit LCD display indicating : Temprature, TDS, bar graph for Cartridge life,Pump status, No Water, Flusing of membranes
Chiller IndicatorIndicates Cooling ON
Outer Body MaterialFull outer body SS (Preferably SS204CU)
Storage Tank MaterialSS 304
Outer Body Dimensions (mm)530 X 680X 1345 ± 5 mm690 X 770X 1375 ± 5 mm910 X 915 X1600 ± 5 mm
Net Weight ( ± 2 Kgs)58.6 kg82 kg135.5 kg
CompressorEmerson /TecumsehEmerson /TecumsehEmerson /Tecumseh
Inlet Water Temperature Limit5 ~ 45 ± 2°C
RefrigerationR- 134 A
Drinking Water From Faucet15 ± 2 °C
Operating Voltage230 ± 10% V AC,50Hz
Current In Amps(Max.)2.0 ± 0.5 A3 ± 0.5 A7 ± 0.5 A
Power Consumption500 W700 W1.7K W
Purification CapacityUp to 20 ltr/hour*Up to 40 ltr/hour*Up to 150 ltr/hour*
Max. Inlet Water TDSUp to 1500 ppm(Max hardness 500 ppm)
Rejection of Salts( TDS )Up to 90%
RecoveryUp to 55 + 10%
Auto FlushPower Flushing of Filter elements
Sediment FilterDedicated combo block 7.5″ with washable filter bagDedicated 10 micron 20″ filterDedicated 10 micron 20″ filter
Carbon FilterActivated carbon block – 7.5″ filter E-health combo filterActivated carbon block – 10 micron ,20″ filterActivated carbon block – 10 micron, 20″ filter
Water Saver Cartridge7.5″ water saver cartridge20″ water saver cartridge20″ water saver cartridge
RO Membrane80 GPD X 2300 GPD X 1300 GPD X 3 + 100 GPD X 1
Taste Enhancer cartridgePH correction cartridge
Auto Sanitizer – Cooler And ROESS – Electronic system sanitizer