About Zero B Pure Water Solutions

When you make yourself into Zero, your power becomes invincible.
Mahatma Gandhi

The Manifestation of Zero

Zero is the fertile grounds for all imagination – the starting point and the end point. The point where there are no doubts, no fears, no boundaries, no wastage, no ego, no prejudiced thinking, which lead to purity in your thoughts…. That’s where Zero Means Purity begins.

Zero is not only part of our logo, but it’s our brand philosophy, our goal, our mission. And when a Company’s entire value system is directed towards achieving that, you know you are onto something big.

It’s our constant endeavour to reach that ‘zero’. Whether it’s in the products that we manufacture – zero defect; or in the services we offer – zero complain.

 The importance of Zero for us

  • Water in its purest form is nothing but H2O – with zero minerals (high levels of Calcium & Magnesium), zero chemicals (heavy metals, fluoride, & pesticides) and zero pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms) and zero TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).
  • Our R&D team is constantly innovating to develop better, more robust machines that seek the ‘zero’. Because, when we reach there, we would have achieved the ultimate. And that is the day we will rest.

Our Vision

To be the leaders of our business
which is so vital to people’s lives
and environment.


Our Values

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Protection of environment
  • Ethical, discipline work behavior through
    teamwork and individual initiative
  • Pursuing excellence trough
    continuous R&D and employee training
  • Work ethics inspired by professionalism
    and integrity
  • Safe and congenial work environment
  • Contributing to the well- being of the community

The Brand, The Legacy

Water Purification Systems - ZeroB

At ZeroB, every water purification systems
are crafted with meticulous attention to
detail, to provide the protection that your
family deserves.


ZeroB Brand Legacy

ZeroB, the flagship brand of Ion Exchange
(India) Ltd., is the pioneer of
the revolutionary
RO technology, in India.


One-Stop Pure Water Solution Provider

ZeroB has pioneered many path-breaking
innovations in the field of technology
to provide a one-stop pure water



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