ZeroB Eco Smart RO Water Purifier

Eco Smart is an RO water purifier that not only saves more water but also filters around 90-95 per cent of salts. It comes with a unique water-saving cartridge that promotes extreme high recovery of water by preventing foul factors formed during the RO process.



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Dynamic Monitor Control

The new Zero B eco chill water cooler is equipped with unique Dynamic Monitor and controller (DMC) system which informs the user about quality, temperature of water. It also gives early warning for replacement of unit

Technical Specification

MODEL 50 LPH 100 LPH 150 LPH
Purification flow rate 50* Litrs/Hour 100* Litrs/Hour 150* Litrs/Hour
Recovery of pure water Up to 70% Up to 70% Up to 70%
Recovery of salts(TDS) Up to 95% Up to 95% Up to 95%
Max. inlet water(TDS) 1500 ppm 1500 ppm 1500 ppm
Water Saver cartridge Nova Catridge Nova Catridge Nova Catridge
Post RO Purification ESS ESS ESS
RO Membrane 3012 x 1 3012 x 2 3012 x 3
1812 x 1 1812 x 1 1812 x 1
Dynamic monitor and Controller TDS, cartridge life, power ON, no water and change cartridge TDS, cartridge life, power ON, no water and change cartridge TDS, cartridge life, power ON, no water and change cartridge
Dimension (L x W x H)(mm) 435 x 510 x 815 435 x 510 x 815 435 x 510 x 815
Unit weight (Kg) 32 34 36
Maximum recommended output 300 Litres/Day 600 Litres/Day 900 Litres/Day


Technology description ESS Technology

ESS Technology

Protect the germicidal growth in the tank stored water by auto sanitization 24 x 7, & keep the tank water pure & safe always. Prevents slime formation. Avoid human intervention to clean the tank. Hence stored water remains 24 x 7 safe for drinking purpose.

Technology description HRR Technology

HRR Technology

Water Saving RO purification – The In built RO system comes with the revolutionary, HRR (High recovery RO technology) that reduces water wastage by 80% & gives 3 times higher pure water recovery unlike conventional RO purifier that wastes 70% of input water. In Built Zero B eco RO series is equipped with unique water saver cartridge that saves almost 80% water wastage as compared to regular RO purifier.
Gives a high shelf life to water by sweeping away the salts and killing the microbes through water saver cartridges and saves more than 70% of water compared to conventional RO water purifiers.