HRR Technology

High Recovery RO (HRR) Technology

An innovative HRR, High Recovery RO process (patent applied), specifically Water Saver Cartridge( WSC) releases ingredients that continuously sweep away the salts, kill the microbes and thereby, allow the process to be operated at high recovery levels.

The HRR Technology works in such a way that:

  • It gives 3 times higher recovery, up to 70% from a single RO membrane as compared to conventional RO water systems.
  • It also saves more than 80% of water compared to conventional RO water purifiers and thus can be labelled as an eco-friendly technology.
  • It gives a high shelf life to water.

Background of invention

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most popular, trusted and reliable technology that delivers pure, safe and palatable drinking water, free from microbial and chemical contamination and excessive salts.

However, few strong drawbacks of this technology are:

  • A large percentage of water gets wasted while purifying the water.
  • Also, purified water can get contaminated again due to external factors.
  • The RO membrane recovers good water to the extent of 30% only, the remaining is rejected down the drain.

Moreover, if the operating recoveries are higher than recommended, the foulants such as salts, microbes and colloidal particles concentrate on the membrane surface and eventually foul or choke the membrane.

Certified Technology

HRR technology is certified by NABL accredited lab for chemical contaminant removal, pesticide removal, bacteria and virus removal, shelf life of water, and for HRR claims.