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ZeroB Kitchenmate UV Water Purifier

ZeroB Kitchenmate UV (Under the Sink + 2LPM)

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Get rid of harmful chemicals and other impurities from your drinking water with this Zero B Kitchenmate Smart UV Water Purifier. With the UV technology purification method and UV Lamp Sensing Mechanism, this water filter will keep you and your family safe from water-borne diseases.

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TLC Valve

Ensures pump cut-off whenever the tank is full.

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Meets Indian Standard Specifications

Product water meets the USEPA drinking water standards and IS 100500, thus ensuring pure and safe drinking water.

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Space Management Specifications

Sleek and compact design enables easy placement under the sink

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Smart Performance During Voltage Fluctuations

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Hi Flow Rate and Instant Purification of Water

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Long Reach Designer Faucet

Technical Specification

Output Flow Rate 2 Litres/Min
UV lamp Ultraviolet radiation
Purification Stages 7 Stages
Inlet Opening Inlet opening from your ½” BSP male thread connection
Inlet Pressure ( Min / Max) 0.5 -2.0-kg / cm2
Inlet water TDS 500 max
Turbidity 10 NTU
Operating voltage 230 VAC
Power Rating 35 watts
Coarse filtration Integrated filter bag
Filtration Dedicated 5 micron filter
BAC Bacteria static silver impregnated activated carbon
Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 320 x 150 x 485

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Technology description UV Technology

UV Technology

Ultraviolet (UV) water purifier provides one of the most effective ways of purifying water by removing biological contaminants. UV purifiers are used to guard against water-borne viruses, bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms such asgiardia, cryptosporidium, etc.


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