Zerob LAB-Q Smart – Type II

INDION Lab-Q smart (Type II) water maker produces pure water which is essential for creating chemical reagents, microbiological buffers and media that are consistently pure. It is an excellent source of water for glassware washing and as feed water for laboratory equipment such as autoclaves, laboratory dishwashers and water baths. It is also a recommended source of pre-treated water for user in Type I ultrapure systems. It produces water with very low total organic carbon (TOC) content and conforms to ISO 3696 and corresponding ASTM standards. Portable tap water can be directly connected to INDION Lab-Q Smart to produce Type II pure water. It is easy to install and has several built-in safety features for reliable and consistent Type II water supply. For feed water with higher level of TDS i.e. > 500 ppm a customised pre-treatment module can be designed prior to INDION Lab-Q Smart.



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