ZeroB Recharge Media (SALT TABLET) – 20kg


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Specially packed for Zero B water softeners, Recharge Media is an easy to handle pure salt tablet that significantly increases the performance of water softener.


Recharge Media is a pure salt tablet which reduces the chances of blockages in the strainer, also reduces water hardness and provides better brine solution flow during regeneration. Thus, using Zero B Recharge Media significantly improves the performance of water softener.

Benefits of ZeroB Recharge Media (SALT TABLET) – specially packed for ZeroB water softeners

Sr. no. Parameters Result
1 Sodium Chloride as NaCl 99.5 % min
2 Calcium as Ca 0.06%
3 Magnesium as Mg 0.04%
4 Sulphate as So4 0.18 % max
5 Moisture 0.5 % max
6 Tablet Size 12 mm (Edge to Edge)
7 Hardness in Solution 80 GPL 200 PPM
8 Tablet Diameter 20 – 22 mm
9 Whiteness Index 88 Min
10 Water Insoluble 1 % Max

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