ZeroB LabQ Smart


INDION Lab-Q Smart Type II water maker produces pure water which is essential for preparing reagents, microbiological buffers and media that are consistently pure. It is an excellent source of water for glassware washing and as feed for laboratory equipment such as autoclaves, laboratory dishwashers and water baths.
It is also a recommended source of pretreated water for use in Type I ultrapure systems. It produces water with very low total organic carbon (TOC) content and confirms to and conforms to ISO 3696 and corresponding ASTM standards.



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Online Resistivity Meter

Displays product water quality for continuous monitoring.

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Automatic Flush Device (AFD)

Ensures periodic cleaning of the filter system.

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Dry Run Protection

Ensures protection of the pump when inlet water is unavailable.

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Easy Accessibility of components

All cartridges and filters are easily accessible and no special tool is required to replace them.

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Simple Installation

Simple to operate, install and maintain with a clear indication of water purity.

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Electrolytic Auto Sanitizer

Ensures periodic sanitization of upstream purifying filters.