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ZeroB Magna Plus RO+UV+UF

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Get Triple-X purified water in your home every day with Zero B Magna which is equipped with Reverse Osmosis Purification, UV Purification and UF Purification. Zero B Magna Plus is an unique water purifier that offers triple-x purification technology ensuring safety and purity of your drinking water needs. It is a compact design with a 6 liter transparent, detachable and washable storage tank that matches the aesthetics of every Indian home kitchen. Zero B Magna Plus conforms to IS 10500 & USEPA Standards.

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Triple Purified Water

Zero B Magna Plus delivers triple-safe, triple-pure, and sparkling clear water.

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Minera Boost Cartridge

Unique Minera Boost cartridge adds essential minerals that improves the taste of water

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Membrane Life Enhancer

It improves the efficiency of RO membrane, thereby maintaining the overall life of your water purifier.

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8 Stage Purification

With its multi-stage purification process, Zero B Magna Plus offers you crystal clear and purest drinking water.

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Smart Indications

The smart and sleek automatic indications of Zero B Magna Plus indicate Power On, Process On and Tank Full alerting LED’s in different glowing lights.

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Wall Mount Model

The elegant design of Zero B Magna Plus is a wall mount model to save space of your kitchen platform.

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Equipped with RO, UV, & UF purification that offers triple protection

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8 stages of water purification

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Membrane life enhancer improves the efficiency of RO membrane, thereby maintaining the
overall life of the product

Technical Specification

PARAMETERS Zerob Magna Plus
Inlet opening 1/2" BSP thread connection
Intel water temperature Less than 45 Centigrade
Intel pressure 0.5-2kg/cm2
Feed water TDS (PPM) Up to 1500 ppm
Turbidity (NTU) Less than 5
Total hardness(PPM) Nil
Silica(PPM) Less than 20
Iron and manganese(PPM) Nill
Oil and Grease(PPM) Nill
Operating Voltage 230+-10% VAC
Power consumption(W) 30 Watts max
Pre-filtration Filter bag, 5 micron filter and activated carbon
Membrane life Enhancer 4'' de scaling cartridge
RO purification RO membrane
UV purification UV module
UF purification 4" UF module
Mineral boost 4" mineral cartridge
Purification flow rate Up to 10 LPH
Storage tank capacity 6 liters
% Recovery 30-35%
% salt rejection 90-95%
Product Code 6302
Product Dimensions in mm (D X W X H) 280 x 200 x 370
Net Weight 6.8 kg
Gross Weight 8.1 kg
Box Dimension in mm (D X W X H ) 340 x 270 x 530

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Technology description Triple-X Purification Technology

Triple-X Purification Technology

Zero B Magna Plus offers purest and safest water with its three purification technologies – RO + UV + UF

Technology description RO Technology

RO Technology

Reverse Osmosis Purification is the world over accepted and widely used technology that removes all disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Also remove chemical impurities like heavy metals, arsenic fluoride, lead, pesticides, and excess dissolved salts, making the water pure and safe.

Technology description UV Technology

UV Technology

UV Purification is a second layer purification system which deactivates bacteria and viruses.

Technology description UF Technology

UF Technology

UF Purification is a third layer purification system which not only removes microbes from the water but also provides crystal clear water.


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