UV Grande 4 Ltr.


A water purifier that comes with next-gen 6-stage UV water purification system as well as ESS technology that ensures pure and safe drinking water.

ESS Technology

Sanitizes the entire water purifier, along with water purifier components, prevents slime formation and keeps purified water free from contamination. Thus, ensuring pure and safe drinking water.

Next-gen UV Technology

The 6 stage UV water purification system paralyses diseases causing bacteria & viruses by disrupting genetic cell.

Hexapure Technology

Hexapure Technology purification process ensures pure and safe water.

LED Smart Indicator

Indicates the health of water purifier and water quality.

Dimension (L x W x H)[mm]275 x 230 x 370
Unit Weight4.4 kg
Purification Flow Rate1 ltr/Min
Inlet Pressure0.5 to 2.0 kg/ cm2
Power Rating20 Watts
Storage Tank Capacity4 litres