How to Prolong the Life of a UV Water Purifier

UV Water Purifier

Water is a vital requirement for survival. The threat of diseases is enormous, and the need for water purifiers is vital. Water bodies are exposed to numerous pollutants, and distribution pipelines in towns and cities are old and worn out. Water purifiers are used to filter water and remove hazardous impurities in practically every urban […]

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Why Should you Buy a Certified Water Filter

Water Filter

Clean water is soon going to be a luxury. Diseases are spreading and especially in the times of COVID pandemic clean water is all the more important. Water filters are the essential commodity of every household and having a good efficient water filter is important. Always buy a certified water filter that is capable of […]

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Why is Vegetable Disinfectant a Must-Buy?

Vegetable Disinfectant

Are you sure, the vegetables you are taking are completely safe? Vegetables are loaded with pesticides and chemicals which are harmful to human health and cause serious illnesses. They damage the nervous and reproductive system along with disrupting the immune system and even more. Pesticides, fungicides are used on vegetables to control a variety of […]

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The Pros & Cons of RO Water Filtration Systems

Water Softener for Home

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is an advanced and widely accepted technology for water purification. With its popularity in the domestic sector, it is a preferred solution for high salinity water, to deliver fresh, tasty and safe drinking water for our households. Due to increased industrialization, risk of impurities (chemical and microbial) found in the water sources […]

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Five Reasons to Invest in a RO Water Purifier


The tap water that flows into our home contains all kinds of bacterias and pollutants, which can be severely harmful to the human body. Even studies have gone on to prove that tap water is contaminated and not healthy for consumption until the impurities get removed with a water purifier. If one consumes polluted or […]

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Benefits of UV Water Purifiers


V and RO water treatment systems are the two most commonly used technologies. It is also commonly misunderstood that RO systems are superior to UV systems. The go-to tip for choosing the correct water filter is that if your locality’s water supply has more ions and dissolved solids, RO water purifiers are the best. However, […]

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