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  1. Benefits of UV Water Purifiers

    Post by : Zerob

    UV and RO water treatment systems are the two most commonly used technologies. It is also commonly misunderstood that RO systems are superior to UV systems. The go-to tip for choosing the correct water filter is that if your locality’s water supply has more ions and dissolved solids, RO water purifiers are the best. However, if the mineral content is low in your water supply, a UV system is better.

    The main benefits that the UV water filters have over the RO filters are:

    • Longer Lasting: A good quality UV water treatment system can last up to 10 years, making it prudent to invest in.
    • Perfect for Larger Families: While RO water filters can sustain a traditional nuclear family of 2 adults and 2 children, a UV water filter can sustain a much larger family.
    •   Cheaper Maintenance: In relation to RO purifiers, UV water purifiers cost less and generally require a replacement of the UV bulb once in a while for maintaining efficiency. Thus, the maintenance costs are also lower than RO purifiers.

    Water purifiers today have become an essential home product for maintaining the health of a household. Since it is a product that can last up to 10 years, it is smart to invest in a good water purifier instead of falling for lower-priced alternatives. Smart home brands like ZeroB have combined the various water filtration technologies to create unique products like RO+ESS and UV+ESS water purifiers. These devices can remove over 99 percent of the impurities present in a water source. So, if you are thinking of buying a water purifier, instead of going for a specific technology, it is better to invest in a technology that offers total cover for your loved ones.

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  2. 5 ‘Must-Know’ Beneficial Facts about Reverse Osmosis

    Post by : Zerob

    Reverse Osmosis or as it is more popularly addressed ‘RO’, is a term that has become synonymous with water purification today. With the quality of one of our most precious resources, water, diminishing every day and households exposed to toxic drinking water, filtration and purification systems are no longer a luxury.

    Without the right attention to it, unhealthy water can expose us to a world of trouble and health issues. The question now arises of how we must tackle this issue. The easiest solution that almost every single household in the country has adopted is to use a water filtration system.  

    Although reverse osmosis systems are a popular choice, many of us don’t really know the benefits of it. Here are 5 facts about RO systems that will help you rest easy, knowing that your water is well protected:

    1. Removes lead from your water: A primary concern today is to find traces of lead in your water which may cause reduced cognition, increased blood pressure and also neurodevelopmental issues in children. RO purification removes this harmful component from your water.
    2. Removes sodium from your water: Excessive sodium in your water can cause heart diseases and hypertension. RP purification drains this out for you.
    3. Protects your water from parasites: RO filters also work on parasites and bacteria.
    4. It is perfect for individuals with low immunity: Several times there are elderly people and patients present in a household. With low immunity, it is essential to remain cautious with what you ingest. RO filters are the perfect solution for this.
    5. Helps you save money: With a reverse osmosis system, you will get the best quality water every day without having to run to constantly the store or having to arrange for bottled water delivery.

    If your choice is a reverse osmosis water filter, then ZeroB has your back! Their Power RO is one of the best water purification systems for your home. With a purification capacity of 15 litres per hour, the Power RO delivers pure drinking water up to 3000 TDS and 1000 ppm hardness. It comes equipped with 2 membranes to give you superior protection. With the Power RO, you can rest assured knowing you and your loved ones are guarded against water-related diseases.

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  3. Simple Hacks to Keep Yourself Hydrated for a Healthier Life

    Post by : Zerob

    Water Cooler for Home

    Thanks to rising temperatures, dehydration seems to be at an all-time high. Complaints of giddiness, fainting, and headaches are constantly circulating. There is a singular solution to this – drink more water!

    Dehydration occurs when the quantity of water exiting your body is more than your water intake. As is true in any situation, prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait till you experience these tiresome symptoms, reach for a bottle of clean and safe water.

    Here are a few simple hacks to keep yourself hydrated:

    1. Make your water interesting: If plain water is too boring, spruce it up with a few flavours. Sliced cucumbers, lime wedges, and mint leaves give your water a subtle and refreshing flavour.
    2. Consume foods with high water content: Staying hydrated isn’t just about drinking water but also about consuming the correct foods. Celery, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Lettuce, Cherries, Strawberries and Bell Peppers are a few easily available options.
    3. Add water to your daily routine: Most of us have a set morning schedule. You can put aside a fixed time to drink water in your daily routine. This will help you to be more efficient with your consumption and also add a sense of discipline to your daily life.
    4. Challenge yourself with daily or weekly goals: Use your competitive spirit to your advantage! Set water intake goals and reward yourself when you meet them.

    When it comes to water, both quality and quantity are equally important. It is essential to have clean, filtered water readily available. ZeroB’s superior water treatment systems provide you exactly this. The Pristine water purifier is equipped with Hexapure technology which ensures pure and safe drinking water. This automatic water purifier also has TDS + Heavy Metal Remover that removes excess salts, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, harmful chemicals, and heavy metals from water. It’s elegant and compact design makes it the perfect fit for your home. Zero B gives you the healthy and safe drinking water that you deserve.

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  4. How Do You Know When You Need a Water Softener for Your Home?

    Post by : Zerob

    Water Softener System

    Water is an essential element of all our day to day lives. From domestic activities to constant consumption, water is an integral part of our lives. This is exactly why detecting any issues with the water that flows through your household at an early stage is essential.

    A high concentration of minerals such as magnesium and calcium results in what is commonly known as hard water. Unclean and hard water will cause you several problems that will persist in the long run.

    Here are a few instances where having a water softener for your home becomes an absolute necessity:

    1. Scale build-up on home appliances: Magnesium and calcium sediments cause scale build-up on your appliances over time. If you notice that your teapots or electric kettles have a residue build-up, it is a sure sign of hard water plaguing your household. These deposits can also affect your water pipes and lead to clogging and overall decreased efficiency of water flow.
    2. Dry skin and hair: These minerals are extremely harmful to your skin and hair. If you and your family are suffering from reoccurring cases of dry and itchy skin and hair or irritation in your eyes, it is time to take action and soften your water.
    3. Faded clothes: If your new clothes rapidly fade or become grey and rough after washing it is probably the effect of hard water. Clothes also become stiff and lose their structure and feel due to this.
    4. Sink stains: If the water running through your house is hard, then it will evaporate from the sink and leave behind white stains. If not treated in time these stains will become more visible and difficult to get rid of over time.
    5. Increased water bill: Hard water makes your pipes work harder to pump because of the build-up, hence leading to a high water bill.

    To tackle these problems the best solution is a quality water softener. ZeroB's Auto Soft 2 is the perfect electronic water softener for you. This product effectively leeches out harmful salts and minerals, making your water safe and comfortable to use. Additionally, it can also be used for offices and commercial spaces suffering from similar issues.

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  5. Dangers of a Contaminated Water Cooler

    Post by : Zerob

    Dirty Water Coolers in your office and home are one of the leading reasons for diseases. Encouraging people to stay hydrated is a great way of assuring high immunity and better disease prevention. However, the source of your hydration is a concern that should constantly be kept in mind.

    Like most water storage units, water coolers are fertile ground for the breeding of bacteria and germs. This combined with the fact that a large number of people use them on a daily basis makes them all the more prone to retaining infectious elements.

    You can do your bit to stay safe by following 3 basic tips:

    1. Ensure your bottle is clean before you fill it.
    2. Avoid any contact between the bottle and the faucet of the cooler
    3. If you are sick refrain from using the water coolers

    Even if you abide by these rules it is difficult to avoid the germs in the water cooler container. Most people are unaware of when the appliance has been cleaned or rotated last. Drinking contaminated water from coolers can cause severe diseases such as Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac Fever. Common cold and flu can also be contracted easily from an unsanitary water cooler.

    Apart from disease-causing bacteria and germs, water coolers have other pollutants as well:

    • Chemical Residue: Bleach or Chlorine is generally used to clean the tanks in a water cooler. Residues of these chemicals may be left behind which cause serious harm to your body. These can generally be detected by the colour and taste of the water.
    • Algae: Algae only needs water and sunlight to grow. In the case of water coolers, even fluorescent lights can lead to its growth. Consuming water containing Algae commonly causes stomach issues.

    ZeroB’s Eco Chill RO cooler can put your mind at ease. It comes equipped with a unique Dynamic Monitor and Controller System, which informs you about the internal functioning of the cooler as well as the temperature and quality of the water. It warns the user of early replacement of cartridge ensuring that the water storage remains sanitary and the appliance smooth working. The HRR Technology available gives you 3 times higher pure water recovery than any other conventional RO purifier. It also means only 30 % reject water keeping the wastage to a minimum.

    To keep you safe from diseases and infection, the Eco chill RO comes equipped with E-Health technology that prevents slime formation. Along with this, the ESS Technology sanitizes the water storage tank from germ build-up 24 x 7. Not only perfect for your workspaces but the Eco Chill RO is the best water cooler for homes as well.

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  6. Plus Points of Using Non-Electric Water Purifiers

    Post by : Zerob

    Non-electric water purifiers function without depending on gas or electricity. They work completely on a gravity-based filtration system and a few additional technologies depending on what different brands offer. Most purifiers of this kind contain activated carbon cartridges that filter out dissolved impurities and contaminants. The activated charcoal catches all the pollutants when impure water is passed through it. It works on organic compounds, chlorine, pesticides, and herbicides.

    Here are a few advantages of using a Non-Electric Water Purifier:

    1. Unaffected by Power Cuts: The biggest advantage of these water purifiers is applicable for people who reside in areas with frequent power cuts. In India, several cities experience this problem. Not only do power cuts happen often but also for a long time. Using a water purifier without electricity guarantees access to pure water 24/7.
    2. Effective for Dissolved Impurities: U V water purifiers are not effective on dissolved impurities such as chlorine, rust, arsenic, etc. Moreover, they do not work on muddy water with foul taste and odour. On the other hand, non-electric water purifiers are highly effective in such cases.
    3. Cost-Effective: Without the overhead charge of electricity, these water purifiers are extremely economical and environment-friendly. They conserve energy and are easy on your pockets.
    4.  Storage Option: Unlike electric UV water purifiers that provide no options for storage and force users to use external options such as plastic bottles, non-electric water purifiers come pre-equipped with a storage tank.

    ZeroB’s non-electric water purifiers – Pureline 4 Litres and Suraksha Plus Pro, provide you with top of the line water filtration systems. The Pureline 4 Litres provides safe and natural tasting water with a high capacity of dispensing capacity of 4 liters per minute. Only food-grade material is used, making the water dispensed safe for consumption. On the other hand, the Suraksha Plus Pro gives 3000 Litres of water-borne disease-causing bacteria and virus free drinking water with its superior Resin Technology. It also efficiently removes mud, sand and dust suspended particle giving you pure and safe drinking water.

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  7. 5 Harmful Effects of High Concentration of Iron in your Water

    Post by : Zerob

    If the water that is flowing through the taps of your house has a reddish tinge, smells foul or a distinct metallic taste, it most likely contains high levels of Iron. Pure water does not have any taste or smell but since it is a natural solvent, it rapidly dissolves minerals like iron and magnesium.

    Iron is an essential nutrient in our diets and although typically pure iron content in your drinking water is not harmful, there are several issues attached to such contaminated water. People residing in places where the ground water has a high iron concentration must be even more cautious. In India, studies carried out by the Central Groundwater Board have shown states like Assam, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, and Karnataka have constant reoccurring cases of high concentration of iron in the groundwater. Residents here must use water purification systems to avoid damaging their health and surroundings.

    Here are 5 concerning issues that iron concentrated water presents:

    1. Impact on Skin- The presence of Iron in water used for bathing harms your skin cells which lead to wrinkles and infections. This water reduces the effect of soaps and shampoos and does not wash them off easily, leading to clogged skin that can cause Eczema in the future.
    2. Impact on Health – Iron is classified as a secondary contaminant which means it does not directly impact your health. However, bacteria feed off the iron and hence come as a part and parcel of it. These bacteria cause severe health damage when ingested. Additionally, high levels of iron can cause diabetes, hemochromatosis, and damage to the heart and liver.
    3. Impact on Food- Food cooked in iron-rich water adds a metallic taste and foul smell to it. Fruits and vegetables washed with such water tend to blacken.
    4. Clogging of pipes – Iron-rich water corrodes the pipes that it runs through causing them to get clogged and decrease efficiency.
    5. Iron Stains – Iron leaves reddish stains and residue on bathroom fixtures and dishes. Additionally, it causes clothes to retain stains and smells, overall hampering their quality.

    ZeroB’s D-Ferrous is India’s first iron remover. It is fitted with a unique user-friendly backwash valve that regulates all functions making it user - friendly and efficient. Other than removing iron precipitate from your water, it also removes foul odor and helps retain the colors of fabrics washed in it.

    Additionally, Zero B also presents the Rakshak, a water purifier that removes suspended iron particles, disease-causing bacteria, and excess iodine. This whole house water filtration system with its 4 stage purification, auto shut off the germicidal cartridge and easy-to-wash reusable sponge filter capsule make it a stellar option.

    If you have iron in your water, the best solution is to use an iron remover filter. With Zero B’s efficient and user-friendly products you can make your water safe for consumption in any capacity.

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  8. Why there is a need to switch to an Eco Friendly Water Purifier

    Post by : Zerob

    For a country that relies on the monsoon season for survival, Climate Change is an alarmingly serious issue in terms of short-term effects. In the recent past, India has not been blessed with a timely and sufficient monsoon.

    This combined with prolonged neglected water management has placed us in a paradoxical situation. Erratic monsoon patterns have led to a serious water deficit situation in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Delhi over the last decade. On the other hand states like Assam, Bihar and Maharashtra are facing excessive rainfall that has led to death and destruction in the wake of floods.

    In light of these issues, we must assure that we are consuming purified water. Our responsibility does not end there. We must adopt eco-friendly alternatives of all products, especially water treatment systems to restrict wastage.

    Zero B provides one such reliable and useful alternative – the Eco RO Purifier. Commonly for every one glass of water that your water purifier provides you with, it wastes up to three glasses. The Eco RO limits this wastage by recovering 70% of the water and saving up to 80% water.  It is equipped with superior HRR technology that ensures 3X higher quality of pure water recovery than other conventional RO purifiers. In present-day India, we not only have a responsibility towards our health but also towards the state of the Earth. With Zero B’s Eco RO we can achieve this perfect balance.

    In June 2018 the NITI Aayog had predicted that 21 cities including Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai will run out of groundwater as early as 2020. Due to this demand, there is an excessive extraction of groundwater resulting in contaminated water with harmful chemicals such as arsenic nitrate and fluoride. Pure water is something we cannot compromise on and at the same time we must do our bit for the problems faced by our country. For this purpose the Eco RO is the best option.

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  9. 5 incredible tips to drink more water everyday

    Post by : Zerob

    Tips to Drink WaterMost of us today are burdened with plenty of responsibilities. We keep juggling between work, relationships, children and social commitments. Subsequently, life gets pretty overwhelming. During such times and days, it’s understandable if your daily water consumption falls through the cracks. But, there are some things which you can do to ensure that your water consumption increases day by day.


    1. Add flavour - You can add a little bit of excitement, zing and flavour by steeping slices of some fresh fruits and vegetables such as grapefruit, strawberries, lemon, cucumber, ginger, and celery along with some herbs like basil and mint leaves to enhance the taste of your water. Let it steep longer for a tastier glass. In this way, you can add some nutritional value to your water.
    2. Drink during brinks - While at work, it is important to take mini-breaks. So, make it a routine to drink water every time you walk away from your workspace. The more water you drink, the more you’ll have to visit the bathroom and the cycle will continue.
    3. Sip before every meal - As a rule of thumb, you should aim to drink a glass of water before every meal. This also applies while you are cooking or out at a restaurant and waiting for your order. Once you start following it regularly, you’ll automatically find yourself drinking a glass of water before every meal.
    4. Trendy water bottle - A cool and trendy water bottle sitting right in front of you while you keep punching on the keyboard will remind you to consistently have a sip. You can invest in a stainless steel or glass fruit infuser bottle or a hi-tech alkaline water bottle rather than a plastic one.  
    5. Get a smart water bottle - Drinking more water can be your excuse to lay hands on a smart water bottle that recommends customized daily water intake. Such bottles can be easily integrated with your smart wearables and you can keep a track of your water habit.


    Apart from the above ways, you can also install a water filtration system or water purification systems which helps in providing safe drinking water by removing impurities and retaining a significant amount of minerals in it. It will truly improve the quality and taste of your water.

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  10. Top health benefits of using water purifiers in India

    Post by : Zerob

    Water Purification Systems

    Most often than not we don’t care about the source of the water. We assume that it will be a good source and drink water in good faith. But, sometimes, the source may not be hygienic and can lead to you falling sick. To minimize health risk, it is extremely important to ensure that your source of drinking water is not contaminated.


    Most of the water that we get at our home is supplied through the municipal line. So you cannot be sure of the quality of the water that is supplied. Thus, it gets highly necessary to have good water treatment systems at homes and offices. It can remove over 99 per cent of organic and inorganic impurities from tap water, thus ensuring an unrestricted supply of filtered and clean drinking water. Subsequently, it leads to numerous health benefits such as:


    1. Eliminating impurities - An RO water purifier purifies water through a filtration process known as reverse osmosis system that filters out the impurities and keeps the organic minerals intact. Thus, ensuring clean and healthy drinking water for your good health.
    2. Better digestion - If you are having digestive issues, drinking lots of clean water is your remedy. Regular drinking of clean water helps to break down large portions of food and let your body absorb all the nutrients.
    3. Nourishes skin - Drinking a glass of clean and purified water moisturizes your skin and can even aid in improving your skin’s complexion. Studies have revealed that drinking pure water can give your skin a beautiful and natural glow.
    4. Alleviates fatigue - Drinking a glass of pure water regularly basis alleviates fatigue by energizing the cells with nutrition from the food we consume. Moreover, increased water intake reduces the chances of getting kidney stones.
    5. Healthy life - Exercising is essential to stay fit. But without staying hydrated, you won’t be reaping the benefits of exercising. Instead, you will feel lethargic and lacking energy. Having a minimum of 8 clean and pure glasses of water daily can aid in leading a healthy life.


    So, drinking purified water not only eliminates harmful chemicals but also retains its minerals and proves to be a wise choice in the long run.

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