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  1. How healthy is Bottled water?

    Post by : Zerob

    Is bottled water healthy? Are bottled water pure than tap water?
    Though bottled water producers will make you believe that the water they provide in bottles are of the purest form with claims and pictures of water being sourced from springs and pristine sources but in reality it is no purer than ordinary tap water.
    How healthy is the water inside a bottle?
    The purity talk of Bottled water is more hype than reality.
    Is the taste of water affected by bottled water?
    The taste and quality of bottled water can range from very good to very bad depending on the brand, and that is a serious problem leave aside the perils of plastic leach that releases harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors into water.

    Are bottled waters overpriced?
    Over and above that bottled waters are overpriced, most times unsanitary and are a major cause of environmental pollution.

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  2. Zero B Kitchen Mate elegant water filter by Ion Exchange (India) Ltd

    Post by : zerob

    What is Zero B Kitchen mate?
    In a modern home the kitchen is no longer out of bounds for guests. Hence apart being functional with all the modern and effort saving appliances, esthetics is playing an important role in designing and building the kitchen. This has led to a revolution not only in the efficiency of kitchen appliances but also in the overall look and design elements. Even as recent as 15 years ago the fridge used to come only in boring white. A sizable budget for a modular kitchen is now part of doing the interiors of a house.

    What is the most important ingredient in cooking any dish?
    The Kitchen layout is an important ‘ingredient’ of your home décor. Creating stylish, streamlined storage is highly sought after, and it’s important to create a home for every imaginable kitchen item like large spaces for pulses and cereals, shelves for snacks, hangers for pots and pans etc. Clever internal organizers within cupboards add that extra special touch and makes your kitchen run smoothly too. Specially crafted spaces are carved for the ever increasing appliances. The recent past has given emphasis on lighting and color too. A little zest of colour will really bring your space to life.

    The most important ingredient in cooking any dish is water. Safe water has always been at premium. Water purifiers are a must in list of gadgets in the kitchen. However lack of design values in most water purifiers’ has made it a daunting task for interior designers to place them. They either have to create a place under the sink to hide them or camouflage them with some kind of covering. Not only is this inconvenient and expensive but also creates installation and servicing challenges.

    Most kitchens do not make space for water purifiers. They have to be close to the sink. However, do consider an under-counter water purifier. It fits in seamlessly with the rest of your cabinets, frees up valuable kitchen space and makes sense ergonomically. Installation of an under sink water purifier require minimal plumbing techniques and are easy to maintain.

    How is Zero B different than others?
    Ion Exchange has recently introduced the Zero B Kitchen Mate with superior design values to blend seamlessly with the design of a modern kitchen. This modern water purifier with 7 stage RO water purification process that converts salty water to pure and safe drinking water. It has a acrylic body which is specifically meant for designer kitchens where it can be placed under or above the sink.

    What are the main benefits of Kitchenmate?

    The Zero B Kitchen Mate filtration system turns tap water into clean, healthy, refreshing pure water. The elegant acrylic body is perfect for use in homes, with a high-capacity cartridge that disinfects the water and makes it crisp to taste. Other noteworthy features of Zero B Kitchen Mate are its Auto flush timer that periodically flushes the membrane to remove the salts deposited on the membrane. It also contains Hydropneumatic tank -storage tank of 8 liters capacity that provides pressurized water at a very high flow rate from the faucet. Zero B Kitchenmate RO process nullifies the requirement for UV, UF of any other treatment for drinking process.

    Where to do the installation of water filter?
    Apart from India’s first technology in water purifier ESS that will protect tank water 24 x 7 by preventing bacteria formation, Zero B Kitchen mate is loaded with more features for customer benefits such as Intelligent Auto Fill which will ensure that the RO purifier never runs out of pure & safe drinking water. Kitchen Mate has been equipped with Double Safety which provides additional safety by offering 100% germicidal protection. TLC value, ensures pump cut off whenever the tanks fill up, Pressure booster pump provides constant water pressure to the system. Dry Run Protection avoids unnecessary wastage of power and shuts off when there is no water. Kitchen Mate comes with Hydropneumatic Tank, with storage capacity of 8 ltrs, provides pressurized water at a very high flow rate from the faucet. Most importantly, Zero B Kitchenmate RO process nullifies the requirement for UV, UF of any other treatment for drinking process.

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  3. ‘Green Touch’ to make Hard Water as soft as the morning Dew

    Post by : zerob

    Hard water can have adverse affects in various ways. Not only does it take away the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables when they are washed & cooked, hard water also reduce the lifespan of expensive household appliances like geysers, washing machines, dishwashers etc.

    Does hard water increase gas consumption?Does hard water lead to blockages?
    Hard water increases the consumption of gas, increasing utility bills manifold. It leads too blockages in the piping system, thereby reducing water pressure because of corrosion and rust accumulation and increased bacteria in the drinking water. Life expectancy of cloths is reduced when washed with hard water. It also dulls surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens, leading to higher cleaning costs which require aggressive cleaning chemicals and increased labor. Hard water also has adverse effects on health and could cause skin damage and hair loss.

    What health effects does hard water have?
    “Hard” water has high levels of dissolved calcium and/ or magnesium minerals. These minerals may occur in ground water passing through limestone, or other rocks with a calcium mineral content. As water evaporates, these minerals harden themselves as mineral deposits, also known as scale. The level of hardness is related to the amount of dissolved mineral in the water. There are proven solutions soften headwater. It can be corrected by the use of a water softener/conditioner. The water passes through a tank containing resin beads holding “soft” sodium ions. The “hard” calcium and magnesium ions are then exchanged for sodium ions, thus softening the water.

    The water that enters the house is filtered through the zeolite minerals. A reaction occurs during the treatment process which replaces the magnesium and calcium ions to be replaced by sodium. The minerals containing zeolite require change on a periodic basis. This system includes a large tank where the bags of softener salts are regularly added. Chemical method is the most inexpensive way of treating hard water. Two chemicals used in the water treatment are Sal soda and Calgon.

    Does the Zero B Softener work for hard water?

    Ion Exchange a global leader in providing safe water has one of the best solutions to treat hard water. The Zero B series of Water Softeners incorporate the proven technique of counter flow regeneration which has been pioneered by Ion Exchange. This technique is ideally suited to treat water with high hardness. The flow of water and the flow of brine (Salt Solution), which is used for regeneration, are opposite to each other during operation.

    What is Zero B Softener?
    Zero B New Generation Softeners Series are compact, manually & automatically operated units that are easily and quickly installed. Zero B Softenizer Unit consists of a tank containing Ion Exchange Resin Media, which removes hardness from water to acceptable level.

    Does the Zero B Softener work for hard water?
    The hard water passes through this sodium-rich ION Exchange Resin. The media exchanges minerals that cause hardness like calcium (CA) and magnesium (Mg) for sodium. This results in the softness of water that comes out from the outlet. After continuous usage, the resins get saturated with minerals and have to be replaced using Zero B Palletized Salt.

    The Zero B New Generation Softeners Series can be used for water treatment in housing societies, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and corporate parks.

    • Adverse effects of Hard Water on:
      • Taste of fresh fruits & vegetables
      • Lifespan of expensive household appliances like
        • geysers, washing machines, dishwashers etc.
      • Increased utility bills
      • Corrosion & rust accumulation in piping system
      • Increased bacteria drinking water
      • Cloths washed
      • Dulls bathrooms &kitchens surfaces:
        • higher costs of cleaning chemicals & increased labor.
      • Effects on health
        • Skin Problems & Hair Loss

    Enquire about water softners

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  4. Stay Hydrated this Winter

    Post by : zerob


    What is Zero B Icy Hot?How does Zero B Icy Hot function?Does Zero B Icy Hot help to keep you hydrated?
    In winter as the temperature begins to drop, the air starts becoming drier. Due to this our bodies too show signs of de-hydration with roughness of the skin, dry cough, chapped lips, etc. Our intake of water during winter also falls appreciaably as we dont experience the kind of thirst that we do in summer or other seasons of the year.

    70% of our body is made up of water and thus require a good amount of hydration anytime, any season. But during winters as we tend to get less thirsty we tend to feed our body with less water than during other seasons.

    What happens if we don’t have enough fluids?
    When we keep our bodies well hydrated, our appetites are more regulated. But, in case we are not drinking enough fluids, our metabolic functions get affected resulting in our inability to assimilate fat. This in turn prevents us from recognizing thirst, believing it to be hunger and leading us to eat more than its needed.

    Which are some of the food with high amounts of water?
    The amount of water one should drink varies from person to person. Factors such as our weight, activity level, gender and age needs to be taken into account before arriving at the ideal water intake level.

    For people leaading a sedentary life 6-8 glasses per day is good enugh but if someone is indulging in physical activities one needs to drink 8-12 glasses of water per day.

    At times it can be difficult for us to keep up with the water intake levels in winter weather as we really dont feel the urge to drink. In such cases water-based foods – can act as a natural source of water while also providing rich vitamins and minerals. Some of these food include watermelons, apples, grapes and cucumber are a few fruits which can help up the water levels in our body.

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  5. Leaving on a vacation?.. Here a few precautions to be taken if you have a RO Purifier at home

    Post by : Zerob

    What precautions to take for a RO purifier while on vacation?What precautions to take for a RO purifier while away from home?
    If your RO Purifier is not exposed to water at freezing point, you can just turn off the water supply to the purifier and drain all water from the tank before you leave.

    When you come back from vacation, simply turn on the water supply and drain off the first tank-full of water. Once this is done, water will be fresh and ready for consumption from the 2nd fill onwards

    However in case you experience freezing temperature at your home during these times then you should turn off the water supply to the system, empty the storage tank, and remove the pre-filters as well.

    What to do if the pre filter are dirty?
    In such a case you need to drain all water from all the pre-filter housings. If the pre-filters are dirty, discard filters and use new filters when the RO purifier is put back into operation.

    What steps to take if the filter is reusable?
    If filters are still reusable, put them in zip bags and store them in your refrigerator’s compartment which is normally meant to store vegetables but never inside the freezer

    At last remove the RO membrane from its housing and store membrane filter in the sane compartment of your refrigerator within a zip bag. Care needs to be taken to drain out all water out from the membrane housing and screw all housings back onto the water purifier.

    What to do after you come back from a vacation?
    Once back home, the pre-filters need to be put back to their designated housings and care should be taken to flush out the first tank of water before the water from the RO Purifier becomes ready and safe for consumption

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  6. Is the water you drink at home safe enough for your children?

    Post by : Zerob

    Is the water at your home safe?Is drinking water safe for children?
    For most people living in metropolitan areas in India, the primary source of drinking water is the Tanker Water. The tankers are primarily fed with water from private wells. These private wells are not at all regulated and hence the safety of this water may be compromised due to some of the following reasons:

    – Where the well is located
    – How well it is being maintained
    – Quality of the aquifer supplying the well
    – Environmental conditions in the close proximity of the well

    Hence the well water needs to be treated before being completely safe and fit for consumption.

    Apart from contamination of water at the source, the tap water can also get contaminated due to leakages in the pipeline.

    The lead used in manuufacturing of these pipes contaminates the water passing through it.

    How this contaminated water effects you and your children’s health depends upon the type and concenntration of contaminants present in water.

    How are gastrointestinal diseases caused?
    Here are some of the contaminants that are generally found in tap and well water and their affect on the children:

    1. Cryptosporidium, a pathogen that can at times cause fatal gastrointestinal disease.

    2. Nitrates can contaminate water and pose a great threat to infants and small children. The nitrates get converted into nitrites that prevent blood from transporting oxygen. This affects the infants and small chldren more as older children develops an enzyme in their system that helps restore blood’s ability to carry oxygen.

    3. Thirdly the presence of Lead in water can cause both physical and mental developmental problems in infants and children. Adults who have been drinking lead-tainted water for a number of years can experience kidney problems and high blood pressure.

    So we need to ensure that the water that is being drank at home is free from these contaminants.

    Now the question is how do we ensure this?

    How to ensure water is safe for drinking? Now the question is how do we ensure this?
    Boiling of water can only take care of some types of pathogens present in water but the water will still be unsafe for drinking as the contaminants like lead, nitrates, and pesticides do not get eliminated in the course of boiling. On the contrary boiling reduces the volume of water and increases the concentration of those contaminants rendering the water more unsafe.

    So the only effective way of making the water free from contaminats is by using an advanced water purifier – A water purifier that can remove physical, chemical, biological impurities and also the salts of heavy metals and make it safe and fit for your family.

    Learn more about the Advanced RO Purifiers that are capable of removing these contaminants.

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