Kill Unwanted Bacteria and Viruses from your UV Water Purifier

Safe Drinking Water with UV Water Purifier

Today, a lot of emphasis is being made on drinking safe and pure water. The government has been making efforts to provide varied solutions to areas where there is shortage of safe and pure drinking water as well as making sure that supply of sanitized water is met. In the meantime, water purifiers are now an essential home water solution remedy for many residential and corporate areas. 

Various initiatives undertaken by GOI has raised awareness on the importance of drinking clean and purified water. This has led to a rise in the demand for a water purifier in almost all households in urban areas, leaving a huge potential for brands to tap the tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India too.

Water is life, but contaminated water may cause serious health concerns and may get fatal too.
Due to rapid industrialization and over pollution, the water bodies are bound to get polluted, leading to impurities of varied nature. Most of the water that comes to your home uses ground water, or water delivered by tankers.

The quality of water from these supplies may be poor owing to pollutants such as physical, chemical and biological. 

Physical impurities include mud, silt, turbidity particulate matter.

Chemical impurities include dissolved salts, pesticides, heavy metals, arsenic fluoride, VOC’s, etc.
Biological impurities include bacteria, viruses, fungi yeast molds, protozoa, giardia, etc.
It’s no surprise that majority of the households are progressively resorting to UV water purifiers to filter their drinking water.

It is alarming to drink any water that is potentially contaminated from bacteria to protect yourself and your family from any water-borne bacterial diseases.

Is It True That UV Light Kills Bacteria In Water?

Water borne diseases has been a concern to human being ever since it has been known for its fatality.
The most appropriate treatment process adopted is microbial disinfection. Disinfection is necessary to destroy pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria and other harmful microbes that are present in the water due to contamination.

UV radiation is ought to be an effective method for disinfection of bacteria, germs and viruses from the water. This technology does not work to eliminate chemical impurities that may be present in the water. It will have to be paired with RO technology to provide a complete purification process for the safest drinking water, depending on the clarity of water. Turbidity, Particulate Matter and natural Organic Matter are the most significant water quality parameters having the greatest effect on UV disinfection capability. 

How does UV light kill pathogens?

UV radiation disinfection penetrates the cell membranes of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, irreversibly changing the DNA of the pathogens. This essentially renders the bacteria inactive, leaving them powerless to penetrate and multiply. Because the cells are unable to proliferate, they are unable to induce infection, hence eliminating the bacteria and viruses. The microorganisms become non-infectious as a result of DNA damage.

Because of its numerous advantages, UV water purifier disinfection is becoming the primary water purification option for inactivating and killing germs, pathogens, and viruses. UV has several advantages, such include:

Limitation of Conventional UV filters

UV water purifiers are great, but not all models provide all the features you need. The conventional models hold some limitations, such as:

Due to above factor the disinfection performance of conventional purifiers is not 100%. Sometimes microbes can escape UV penetration and water will not be 100% pure.

All this lacuna is addressed in Zero B UV water purifiers with ESS filtration technology as ESS works as a back-up purifier.

A UV system backed up by ESS (Active Silver Purification) is the solution to this type of water recontamination. Zero B is the only brand to offer this kind of a unique solution and bridge all the drawbacks which a conventional UV water purifier has. 

For e.g. In conventional UV water purifiers there are chances of external re-contamination and bio-film formation in the storage water tank which can unload microbes in the purified water.

But this back draw is taken care of in Zero B Water Purifiers with patented ESS technology which offers residual protection 24 x 7 from external re-contamination. Also it prevents formation of slime and bio-film in the storage water tank, thus protecting the purified water. Also, you can carry this water any-time and everywhere as it remains pure and safe for up-to 7 days.

What is Electrolytic Sanitizing System (ESS)

Electro Sanitizing System (ESS) with a focus on ACTIVE SILVER IONS & HYDROXYL IONS as a treatment for freshwater re-contamination and microbial activity.

The unique patented ESS technology is used to sanitize water purifier and water purifier components.
It releases small amount of silver ions and hydroxyl ions into the water tank which sanitize entire system at regular intervals.

Those ions will fully denature the restrained bacteria by destroying the genetic cell walls. As a result, it assures total removal of microorganisms from the incoming water to the tank and protects the storage water tank from germ build-up 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When the tank water is not being used, this technique preserves it fresh and clean for more than 7 days. Contact us today on 022-27881234 or 022-68486848 or visit to see our range of UV water purifiers that are economical and sustainable water solutions for your home!

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