6 Myths of Water Softeners Debunked


Are you planning to buy a water softener for your home? or have you researched its benefits but then turned away due to negative reviews? Well, most of the time, the information you heard or read from different sources is either false or incomplete. Thus, it is always important to check the facts right before investing in many home appliances or equipment. This article is about the common myths you might have heard or read about a hard water softener for home.

First, it is important to understand why a hard water softener is necessary. Hard water leaves a white layer on the surface of the top of the glass, porcelain, and metal surface. It also affects the fins of water using appliances, ice machines, coffee makers, and washing machines. The excess amount of scale buildup due to hard water can often cause clogging and even break one of the inner parts of the appliances. Water heaters are commonly affected by hard water and that reduces the lifespan of the appliances.

Here are the 6 Myths of Water Softeners Debunked:

This is a common myth that soft water contains salt. In the ion exchange process of water softener, when hard water enters the softener containing salt, the chloride gets filtered with magnesium and calcium and the only product remaining in the water is sodium. Thus, soft water does not have a salty taste as salt is not present in soft water.

The amount of sodium in the soft water is quite less as compared to other food sources containing sodium. In the ion exchange process for softening the water, very little sodium is added to the drinking water than the sodium allowed in beverages. For those who are on a sodium restricted diet, drinking soft water through a water softener is a good option.

There are no systems like salt-free water softeners. Water softener for bathroom can only remove magnesium and calcium temporarily, which eliminates the scale buildup. To get soft water with a continuous flow rate, using salt -using water softeners is a good option for your home.

Most of the municipalities that supply water provide hard water. You can see its effects on the utensils, appliances, and even on your skin. The effects involve unmanageable hair, itchy & dry scalp, high power usage, mineral deposits, high energy costs, and scale buildup on faucets and sinks.

A hard water softener for home does not lead to energy waste but it provides many benefits for any appliance that consumes water. As the presence of magnesium and calcium in the hard water can cause scaling, it often leads to breakdown and loss of efficiency in appliances. Water softeners can increase the lifespan of your home appliances.

Soap and shampoo are removed with soft water, that is just a slick feeling. Unlike hard water, soft water does not rinse off the body’s natural oils. Hard water gives insoluble soap curds that are covered on the skin and gives a feeling of the soap coming off.

Therefore, there is a lot of misleading or misunderstood information out there on the internet about hard water and soft water. That makes people not purchase a hard water softener for home. ZeroB Pure Water Solutions is known for offering a wide range of water softeners for homes and bathrooms at affordable prices. All their products are perfectly designed to meet all your specific requirements.

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