6 Most Common RO Water Purifier Problems and Their Solutions

6 Most Common RO Water Purifier Problems and Their Solutions

Clean drinking water and health are correlated. If you want to ensure that health of your family is good make sure you have access to clean water for cooking and drinking, for this your RO must be in good condition and to keep your RO water filter running in great condition for more years to come, you should take excellent care. We have attempted to cover all the basic issues in these six points that you may face with your RO purifier system.

Let’s take a quick look at the common six problems of Ro and how to tackle them:-

RO Purifier Not Working?

Is your RO water purifier’s water storage tank totally unfilled? Not even a drop of water moving from the purifier tap?

a) The ‘Power On’ pointer (indicator) is off – Check if the power switch is on/off. If the switch is on, check if the power supply is accessible or not.

In case that both these conditions are met and the RO purifier is yet not turning on then there is some issue with the wiring or the SMPS (power supply connector). In such a case, you’ll need to call a RO administration master for diagnosing the issue.

b) The ‘Power ON’ pointer (indicator) is on – The main thing you should check is your main water supply valve. Is the water supply valve shut? In case if it is off, turn it on and check if the purifier is currently working.

On few occasions it happens that the valve is open and RO isn’t working, you need to check the water pressure. Most RO purifiers wouldn’t work if the water pressure is extremely low.

Assuming the RO purifier is not yet working, which is expected. The case might be that the water channels and films are gagged with dirt and need to be cleaned or supplanted. We advise changing them often for clean water. It is also a possibility that an inward part has failed and should be fixed or changed.

RO Purifier Not Working

Water Leakage

Water spillage from RO is perhaps the most well-known issues. Here and there, you may see a pool of water close to your RO. You may see this in light of the fact that the connectors of the lines have leaking or loose connections, prompting the spilling of the water. You should guarantee that all the line fittings are effectively set up.

On few chances, if you notice any trickles or spillages, call the RO proficient. Spillages in a water purifier can make a ton of issues if not settled on schedule. The expert will completely check the water purifier to track down the real reason for the spillage.

Foul Odor or Bad Taste of Water

The RO water purifier naturally has no foul scent or terrible taste. Water purification in RO doesn’t add anything to the water that results in smell or taste. In any case, if you feel a distinction in the taste or smell while drinking the RO water, it signifies that there’s a problem. The most widely recognized reason for foul smell and awful taste is the presence of Chlorine, and that is what smells. This may occur if the channels are not filtering the water appropriately. Also sometimes since you are habitual of drinking slightly contaminated water, the RO filtered water tastes different to you but that is alright you will be accustomed to the taste. But if you think that it’s something wrong which is not natural and you don’t need this issue to go on, you need to change the water channels. The sanitized water may also build up some smell on the off chance that it is left unutilized in the capacity tank for an extensive stretch. You should dispose off the filtered water regularly that is left in the capacity tank for over 2 days.

You ought to get the capacity tank altogether cleaned and disinfected at the hour of administration or channel substitution.

Auto Shut-Off Failure

At the point when the water stockpiling tank of the RO fills over a marked level at that point, it consequently stops the cleansing cycle and turns off automatically.

In case that the auto shut-off highlight isn’t working as expected, the purifier would work constantly. This would bring about water out of the RO cervices and spaces and will flood from the capacity tank.

Then, call a RO expert who will fix or supplant the flawed part.

RO Water filter taking more time to fill

Is your RO purifier taking an abnormally long time to fill the capacity tank? Makes weird sounds.

Each channel in the RO purifier is made to sift through various shapes and sizes of contaminations. These moving pollutants stall out on the channel/film surface. Sometimes when the channels are not cleaned or changed on schedule, these contaminations/ impurities build up an obstinate layer on the channel surface hindering the progression of water.

This issue is most commonly observed in regions where water quality is extremely poor (high amount of silt in water and other actual pollutants).

Not certain when to change RO channels? We suggest getting them changed once in three months. Also, take the advice of the RO assistant and if the level of solid impurities( like mud, silt etc.) is higher in your region in water, change them more often.

Unnecessary Vibrations or Noise in RO Purifiers

The most widely recognized vibrations and clamour in any water purifier is the RO siphon.

RO siphons like some other water siphon will in general get swollen after some time because of the manner in which they are intended to work. A RO siphon has numerous parts, similar to orientation, that move at high velocity to create the necessary water pressure for RO decontamination.

The nonstop development and expansion in contact negatively affect the strength of these parts which makes them boisterously swollen and delivers high vibrations.

You may see a few vibrations if you have as of late changed the channels. This is a transitory issue, the vibrations will consequently swell following a couple of hours.

In case, you find it unusual then please counsel a RO expert to discover the reason and make a suggested move.

If you are looking for water purifiers and high quality RO for your commercial space or household, reach out to us. ZeroB is pioneer in water purifying technologies and provide solutions that last years and you will get clean drinking water. To know more about our services visit: https://www.zerobonline.com/

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