Advantages and Disadvantages of a Non-Electric Water Purifier

Non-Electric Water Purifier for Home and Office

With all the recent advancements in technologies and growing need for pure water, we are in the fact’s light that purification of water is a big concern. Water used for domestic needs to be pure to avoid long-term health issues. The toxins and the dissolved impurities in the water can cause various health problems in both elders and children. There can be various sources of water at our homes including supply water, groundwater, etc. But this fact is undeniable that we need to install water purification systems based on the quality of water in our homes.

The harmful minerals and solvents from the factories contaminate the groundwater and make it difficult to directly intake water from the source. Pure water is no longer available to most parts of the world because of these reasons. There are several advanced water purification technologies used today. Water purification systems can be categorized broadly into two parts.

1. Electric water purifiers

2. Non electric water purifiers

In this blog, we talked about non electric water purifiers.

What are non-electric water purifiers?

As the name suggests, the non-electric water purifiers are the ones that do not use electricity. In other terms, these purifiers use the conventional method of purification of water. Non electric water purifiers do not eliminate the dissolved impurities in water. These water purification systems ensure we use safe and clean water for drinking and other purposes.

Non-electric water purifiers are very effective in areas that have fewer impurity contents like dissolved sand mud or any other impurity which can be separated. These purifiers are also known as gravity-based water purifiers, which helps the sediments to get filtered out from the water.

What is the mechanism of non-electric water purifiers?

The gravity-based purification system works with the help of components such as sediment filters, activated charcoal, or carbon particles. The sediments or dissolved solid are eliminated by sediment filtration and carbon particles absorb all the other impurities which cannot be separated out like the toxin’s chlorine pesticides and other organic compounds.

The method works on the principle of applied pressure. As the water travels from various layers of sediment filters containing different particles to the water gets purified. At different stages, the particles absorb the contamination in water and make it suitable for different purposes. A very important fact in choosing a non-electric water purifier is to determine the type and quality of water used.

What are the Advantages of a non-electric water purifier?

1. Easier maintenance and installation

Non electric water purifiers are easier to install and maintain as only the filter papers or the carbon particles are changed. The tank which contains the pure water is strongly built and does not affect the quality or the odor of the water.

2. No Essential elements lost

The electric water purifiers use a lot of chemicals and synthesized methods to purify water, there’s always a chance of loss of some Essential elements from water. This is not the case with the non-electric water purifiers.

3. Natural process of filtration

The electric water purifiers follow a method that is conventional and present as well. This is the method that is used naturally in the earth’s crust to purify the groundwater.

4. Portability

Non electric water purifiers are not fixed as we don’t require a continuous supply of electricity. They are very portable and can be shifted from one place to another as and when required.

5. No wastage of electricity

This is the most obvious advantage of using non electric water purifiers. If you live in a place where there is a constant shortage of electricity, this is the best option for you. The non-electric water purifiers use zero electricity which makes them cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Is there any Disadvantage?

1. Non electric water purifiers do not eliminate the arsenic and fluoride impurities from water. These are some highly toxic contaminations in water.

2. Activated carbon particles do not act similarly to the UV water purifiers. The UV water purifier kills microorganisms and bacteria as viruses etc. which cannot be achieved in non-electric water purifiers.

3. There is a continuous need to change the carbon particles as the rate of purification depends on them. As time passes these particles are covered by impurities which lower down the flow of water while purification.

4. The non-electric water purifiers cannot Detox water containing heavy metals like fluorides lead, etc. This also states that it cannot make soft water from hard water. So, if the water in your region is laden with heavy metals, you must use a electric purifier system.

How is ZeroB different from others?

Zero B provides numerous non-electric water purifiers that are sleek in design and fit according to your home or commercial spaces. With ZeroB you can go for a free water test which can determine the quality of water at your home or office and choose the best solution that suits your need. The services and free installation given by ZeroB throughout the lifetime of the product are what customers value the most.

In Conclusion

Clean drinking water is very essential for health. Starting from a healthy digestive system, it affects all the other parts of the body. There are several diseases caused due to contaminated water like typhoid diarrhea Cholera etc. Non-Electric Water Purifiers serves the purpose of disinfecting water to a specified limit. It can eliminate minor impurities. If the water is highly contaminated and contains harmful minerals salts and other impurities the conventional method cannot eliminate that, it cannot serve the purpose. So, it is highly recommended to first check the quality of your water and then go for a non-electric water purifier.

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