Everything You Need To Know About Active Silver Ion in Your Glass of Water


Are you planning to buy a new water purifier online for your home but are super confused between the different technologies including RO, UV, and UF? Well, trust us; you are not the only one! Undoubtedly, pure, clean, and safe drinking water is one of the basic requirements and we cannot take any risks with it. The right water purifier for your home can provide you protection from several diseases thus keeping you and your family safe. 

Breaking the myth!

Revealing the hard truth, even the purest UV purified water that is stored in bottles can get re-contaminated due to build-up of slime or bacterial growth.

Know about Zero B ESS (Electrolytic Sanitizing System) Technology

Role of Silver in drinking water

Silver is a known disinfectant. It kills more than 650 types of bacteria and viruses from the water. Silver ions are positively loaded in the silver ionization water filtration system, whereas microbes are negatively charged. Silver ions and bacteria are both pulled to one another. Silver ions inhibit the elements necessary for microbes to breathe and hence eliminate them. Thanks to its potential to impede DNA creation and hasten the killing phases of pathogens, silver is extremely efficient.

Today manufacturers from the water industry are making use of the useful properties of silver for disinfection through a technology innovation. This has led to the existence of unique range of products on the shelf for the consumer market.

ESS Technology also called as Active Silver Sanitizing of your drinking water for clean, pure and fresh drinking water all the time. The unique patented ESS technology is used to sanitize water purifier and water purifier components.

It releases small amount of silver ions which sanitize entire system at regular intervals, protects the purified water from recontamination, prevents slime formation in storage water tank, hence ensuring 24×7 protection. The purified water can be safely carried in water bottle without fear of recontamination.

One of the add-on benefit is, ESS also offers additional safety to RO purified water too.

ESS acts as a back-up for UV purifying systems

In conventional UV purifying systems, even the purest UV purified water that is stored in bottles can get re-contaminated due to build-up of slime or bacterial growth. This is undesirable situation. UV system backed up with ESS is the remedy against this kind of recontamination of water. In conventional UV purifiers, voltage fluctuation, hardness scaling of quartz, improper filtration and increased flow, photo reactivation of certain microbes can result in poor disinfection. The patented ESS ensures complete protection to your purified water from ZeroB UV and UF Water Purifiers range that are backed with Active Silver technology.

Advantages of silver as disinfectant

1.Silver does not form any harmful disinfection by-products.
2.Silver has highest level of antimicrobial activity of all heavy metals and least toxicity.
3. Silver does not change odour or taste of water.
4. Silver kills all bacteria and viruses including mould and yeast (Please refer WHO drinking water standards).
5. Silver offers residual protection, silver remains in water to give longer shelf life to water.

Disadvantage of Silver

1. Silver in high concentration in drinking water can affect in discoloration of skin.
2. The allowable limit of silver in drinking water as per USEPA and WHO drinking water standards is 0.1 mg/liter (please refer to USEPA drinking water standards).

Silver is useful in various purposes:

Microbes & Bacteria

Silver ionization may be utilized effectively in a variety of disinfection applications. Microbes in drinking water, if left untreated will lead to hazardous water-borne illnesses and formation of bacteria. Thus slow release of silver ions can inhibit re-infection in the water.

Control of Biofouling

Algae and other species can be found in water. These would clog the pipeline and pollute the water storage facility. Incorporating silver and copper ions inhibits the development of algae and viruses while also killing bacteria.

Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry requires severe machine disinfection procedures. Unlike other chlorine-based treatments, the ZeroB Pure Water Solution’s UV and UF water purifier silver ionizer efficiently sanitize the water to deliver fresh and pure water.

Other Industry Application

Nowadays, silver based nanomaterials are used as antimicrobial agents in the textile sector as well in the various commercialized products for wound dressing, as hand gels, in hand
wash, shampoo, toys, detergent as well as humidifiers.

So, get your hands on the best UV UF water purifier in India. Call us at 022-2788-1234 / 022-6848-6848 to know more, visit www.zerobonline.com

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