How to Prolong the Life of a UV Water Purifier

ZeroB UV Water Filters

Water is a vital requirement for survival. The threat of diseases is enormous, and the need for water purifiers is vital. Water bodies are exposed to numerous pollutants, and distribution pipelines in towns and cities are old and worn out. Water purifiers are used to filter water and remove hazardous impurities in practically every urban home. Given the rising level of pollution, having a water purifier in every household has become a need to protect yourself and your family from waterborne diseases.

Ultraviolet radiation may be used to purify water, and many organizations and individuals are now turning to UV as a dependable way to keep their water clean and safe. UV lamps, UV water purifier, UV water filters, and UV filter systems are all terms used to describe these systems. UV purification is an effective water treatment process that employs UV-C radiation to kill germs. When microbiologically dangerous organisms, cysts, and diseases like giardia and salmonella are exposed to UV radiation, they are rendered harmless.

UV water purifier have the added benefit of being able to manage and affordable. All you have to spend money on is the UV bulbs, which must be replaced every year for optimal effectiveness. A UV water filtration system purifies water by emitting radiation from a UV light source. They also use extremely little energy, around the same as a 60-watt bulb. They are environmentally friendly because no water is wasted. When compared to RO purifiers, they require less time to clean water. You don’t have to be concerned about chemicals in the water because they don’t leak any. Although they are less expensive than RO purifiers, they are equally effective in killing all bacteria, viruses, and other organisms.

UV water purifier, like all water treatment systems, need regular servicing to function properly and maintain their effectiveness. Taking care of your UV system, from changing your UV lamp to cleaning your quartz sleeve, is the best way to ensure it is protecting you from bacteria and disease. Here are some recommendations and maintenance suggestions to help your UV water purifier last longer:

1. Maintain Your Purifier on a Regular Basis:

The first and most important thing you can do to extend the life of your home water purifier is to have it serviced on a regular basis. This is a complicated procedure that requires opening up the unit to reach the parts within, so it’s best to get a technician from a trustworthy repair company to handle it.

2. Changing the UV Lamp Once a Year:

As this a key element in the purifier that generates clean and pure water, it should be replaced once a year. UV lamps do not burn out; instead, they solarize, which means that the intensity of the light wave decreases over time, rendering it ineffective at killing bacteria. Even if it looks to be operating after a year, keep in mind that there isn’t enough UV produced for safe drinking water, therefore you must get the UV lamp changed at least once a year. If you recently changed the lamp and the water color is still different, you may need to clear off any debris that has collected on the bulb.

3. Cleaning and Replacing the Quartz Sleeve:

With the help of a quartz sleeve, the UV lamp is protected from water. Minerals, silt, and other particles are frequently carried by water passing through a UV system. Take some vinegar and soft tissue sheets to clean the quartz sleeve. Cover the quartz from the outside with tissue paper, soak the tissue in vinegar, and let it away for about 20 minutes. You might clean it in the same manner on the inside before eventually washing it with water. We recommend cleaning the quartz sleeve once a year, replacing the UV lamp every two years, and replacing the sleeve every two years. If you’re unsure about doing the steps above, we recommend hiring a professional to change the UV light and clean the quartz sleeve for you.

4. Keep Tabs on The Pre-Filters:

A pre-filter is included with many UV water purifier. To ensure that you get pure drinking water, pay special attention to these pre-filters. The UV unit is protected by the pre-filter, which also guarantees that it performs properly. Clean the sediment and carbon filters in the water purifier to ensure that they are working properly.

5. Monitor UV Light Dosage:

Numerous UV systems have light intensity meters or sensors that show how much UV light gets through the glass sleeve and into the water. When the UV dose is too low to offer proper disinfection, these sensors send out a warning signal, indicating that it’s time to clean the quartz sleeve and/or replace the UV lamp. If your UV system doesn’t have a sensor, you should clean and replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions – normally once a year for lamp replacement and sleeve cleaning, and every year for sleeve replacement.

6. Monitor Water Supply and the UV System’s Performance:

Even though the water source or well is the same, the chemistry and pollutants in the water might vary with time. As a result, water should be tested for germs at least once a year or every six months (preferred). To test the UV water filter system’s performance, water should be sampled before and after it is installed. Water should also be analyzed in regions where animals come into touch with water fixtures, as fecal coil forms re-growth and other pollutants could appear downstream of the UV unit.

If you have a UV water purifier, these are some of the maintenance guidelines you should follow. If you don’t keep up with your UV water purifier, it won’t last long. UV water purifiers need to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that they last as long as possible and that you are drinking contaminant-free water.

If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy UV water filters, then you must contact ZeroB. Our water filters offer total protection against all water-borne infections, ensuring that your family is safe. Contact us today to know more!

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