Traditional vs. Modern Methods of Removing Iron from Water

Traditional vs. Modern Methods of Removing Iron from Water

Iron is a common contaminant in water, often ignored, but few people know its presence in water has multiple negative implications for health. It causes an unpleasant taste in water and affects its odor, too. When used for daily activities, it stains fixtures and laundry.

Removing iron from water is essential to ensuring its quality and safety. There are multiple traditional and modern methods that can be employed for iron removal, but each has advantages and disadvantages.

In this blog, you will learn about different methods of removing iron from water. Water filters utilize these methods to achieve water purification. Some of these methods are still used in water filters to remove iron. This blog will help you learn the difference between these methods and which is best.

Traditional Methods

Here are some traditional methods of iron removal from water.

Oxidation and Filtration

This method is quite popular, wherein iron is oxidized using chlorine or potassium permanganate. It converts the dissolved iron into an insoluble state. Once oxidized, you can see red particles at the bottom of the water vessel.

Once the iron is precipitated, it is easy to filter. It is a simple, popular, and cost-effective method but requires frequent maintenance and the use of chemicals.

Oxidation with Aeration

Oxidation with aeration refers to releasing atmospheric oxygen into water, which turns ferrous iron into its ferric form. The water flow is controlled, and air is supplied into the water. The water is carefully monitored because too quick a flow means insufficient air is supplied. If the water flow is too slow, the water becomes saturated with oxygen.

This method is effective for low iron concentrations in water, but if the iron concentration is high, additional treatments are required.

Ion Exchange

This method infuses resin beads into the water, effectively removing iron and manganese. This method is quite popular to remove iron for household usage.

However, the resin needs to be cleaned, and its effectiveness reduces with each cleaning. It requires regular maintenance, and thus, it is only fit for household use.

Modern Methods

Here are certain modern methods used popularly in iron removal.

Catalytic Filtration

Catalytic filtration uses media such as catalytic carbon, i.e., activated carbon, which deeply absorbs impurities from water. Filtration media such as greensand and birm are used to facilitate the oxidation and filtration of iron.

In this method, no chemicals are used to remove iron and manganese, though it requires periodic backwashing and media replacement.

Chemical Injection

Chemical injection is nothing new, but it utilizes chlorine and hydrogen peroxide to remove iron and manganese from water. A chlorine solution is injected into the water, which oxidizes the iron and makes it insoluble. This iron is then filtered, making the water suitable for home use.

This method of water filtration is suitable for water with high concentrations of iron, i.e., where concentrations are higher than 10mg per liter.

Biological Filtration

This type of filtration is inspired by natural filtration, which occurs in natural water sources such as ponds. The beneficial bacteria colonize the stones and pebbles at the bottom of water sources, where they break down toxins in the water.

This natural filtration technology is applied in biological filters where natural mediums, such as sand, activated carbon, or other carrier material, are used. The beneficial bacteria then colonize them, helping clean water and thus removing iron and manganese from the water.

This method is generally used for cleaning water from natural sources, as it is a slow process. However, it is environmentally friendly and low-maintenance.

Advanced Oxidation Process

Advanced oxidation processes use chemical oxidants to decontaminate water. It utilizes either ozonating or UV light to remove organic and inorganic compounds from water, making it suitable for household usage.

However, it is a complex process and costs more than other water filtration methods.

ZeroB Water Filter to Remove Iron

Both traditional and modern methods offer effective solutions for removing iron from water. Still, the choice depends on factors such as iron contamination level, budget constraints, environmental considerations, and water quality goals.

ZeroB is a pioneer in water treatment, and we offer the most effective and affordable iron remover machines. Our products use modern water filtration methods, and we ensure that you are not required to spend much time on maintenance.

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