The Benefits of Having A Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

RO Water Purification Systems for Home and Office

Contaminated water has always led to deadly diseases. Pure water or filtered water is the perfect way to gain all the nutrition and keep oneself hydrated. We all know that drinking a lot of water is very ideal for health. But there remains a choice of consuming water. Whether it should be filtered or bottled directly from the source.

Water is life. And with life, we should take all the decisions wisely. The alarming situation is that drinking water has become highly contaminated. Despite the earth being covered three fourth by proportion from water, the drinkable form of water is very limited. In cities and villages, water without filtration is not suitable to drink or use for domestic purposes.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Scientists have been working for improving water filtration systems that can work best for highly contaminated water. One such filtration system is the RO water filter system. It is a hi-tech mechanism that eliminates the maximum toxic content of water and makes it suitable to drink. The reverse osmosis filtration system is a developed form of the water purification process that uses high pressure and an ultra-thin semi-permeable membrane to achieve toxins free water.

How do RO filters work?

Reverse osmosis filter works on the principle of water purification through an ultra-thin membrane. When water is passed through this membrane at very high pressure it gets filtered and all the impurities including harmful salts, minerals, bacteria, fluorides and any particle which is greater than the size of the membrane get separated. The pure water which has particles smaller than the size of an ultra-thin membrane may pass.

The reverse osmosis process filters particles larger than 0.01 micrometers in size. It is also important to note that the process of reverse osmosis does not require heat energy, and instead, relies on water pressure. This means it does not need access to the power supply, it only needs excessive water pressure.

Should you have a RO filter at home?

The answer is yes. Having RO water filters at home makes it healthy and risk-free to drink water. It is a one-stop solution for all water-borne diseases and keeps you fit and healthy. RO filters also improve the taste of water and also include the essential minerals that are present in the pure form of water.

The reverse osmosis filtration system provides ideal water, which is parasite and germ-free and doesn’t contain any impurities. RO filters are best for homes or office because there are cheaper than the bottled water and contains much more minerals.

What are the benefits of using RO purifiers?

1. Reverse osmosis filtration can remove up to 95% of dissolved impurities and make water pure. It removes bacteria, organics, pathogens, viruses, and other micro-particles and makes it suitable for drinking and other purposes.

2. Reverse Osmosis process eliminates sodium content from the water. Water softeners remove the harmful minerals with sodium ions. But the TDS remains high because of the excessive dissolved solids in water, which disturbs the taste. Purifiers help to maintain the TDS level and enhances the taste of water.

3. RO purified water is better than the bottled water. On average the bottled water is much expensive but when you’re using RO purifiers at home or office you don’t need to worry about the expenses.

4. RO purified water is better for cooking. If you’re using tap or direct supply water for cooking, it might contain an outrageous amount of chlorine. With RO purified water you’ll notice that your coffee and tea taste better.

5. It provides various health benefits. It maintains the health of hair and skin and keeps the body hydrated, fulfilling the requirements of all the important minerals in our body.

6. RO purifiers remove the excessive content of heavy metals from water and make it suitable for drinking. You’ll also notice that the ice cubes are crystal clear and your water tastes much better as a TDS is maintained.

Are there any drawbacks of RO filters?

1. There may be a loss of important minerals like calcium and magnesium. The membrane separates the particles which are greater than 0.01 microns, it cannot differentiate between what is beneficial and what’s not.

2. There is a potential drop in the flow of water as the entire system works on water pressure. As time passes the flow of water is decreasing because of clogging in the system at different places.

3. The clogging in the system is another reason that maintenance of our RO water purifiers becomes a hard task. It happens because of the impurities getting settle at the top of the membrane, so it needs periodic maintenance and cleaning of the RO purification system.

4. A significant amount of water is wasted in the process of RO water filtration. The proper disposal of the water should be carried out to minimize the wastage of water.

In conclusion

Like other water solutions, reverse osmosis water removes substances such as lead, bacteria, and germs that may be present from the original source. The availability of fresh and tasteless salt-free water is important for all, but especially in those regions where urban water availability is not healthy to consume. Tap water can be sometimes transferred to older plumbing systems and less controlled water treatment leading to water pollution. Using reverse osmosis water helps to eliminate all the contamination from water and reduce the plumbing costs. If you’re looking for demineralized and contamination-free water at your home or your workplace, reach ZeroB.

If you are looking to buy the best RO water filter in India, ZeroB Pure Water Solutions is the right place to contact. Based in Mumbai, India, ZeroB is the flagship brand of Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. Throughout the years, ZeroB has been the pioneer of the revolutionary RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology in India.

Browse the ZeroB website online or contact them for further information.

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