Non-electric water purifiers function without depending on gas or electricity. They work completely on a gravity-based filtration system and a few additional technologies depending on what different brands offer. Most purifiers of this kind contain activated carbon cartridges that filter out dissolved impurities and contaminants. The activated charcoal catches all the pollutants when impure water is passed through it. It works on organic compounds, chlorine, pesticides, and herbicides.

Here are a few advantages of using a Non-Electric Water Purifier:

  1. Unaffected by Power Cuts: The biggest advantage of these water purifiers is applicable for people who reside in areas with frequent power cuts. In India, several cities experience this problem. Not only do power cuts happen often but also for a long time. Using a water purifier without electricity guarantees access to pure water 24/7.
  2. Effective for Dissolved Impurities: U V water purifiers are not effective on dissolved impurities such as chlorine, rust, arsenic, etc. Moreover, they do not work on muddy water with foul taste and odour. On the other hand, non-electric water purifiers are highly effective in such cases.
  3. Cost-Effective: Without the overhead charge of electricity, these water purifiers are extremely economical and environment-friendly. They conserve energy and are easy on your pockets.
  4.  Storage Option: Unlike electric UV water purifiers that provide no options for storage and force users to use external options such as plastic bottles, non-electric water purifiers come pre-equipped with a storage tank.

ZeroB’s non-electric water purifiers – Pureline 4 Litres and Suraksha Plus Pro, provide you with top of the line water filtration systems. The Pureline 4 Litres provides safe and natural tasting water with a high capacity of dispensing capacity of 4 liters per minute. Only food-grade material is used, making the water dispensed safe for consumption. On the other hand, the Suraksha Plus Pro gives 3000 Litres of water-borne disease-causing bacteria and virus free drinking water with its superior Resin Technology. It also efficiently removes mud, sand and dust suspended particle giving you pure and safe drinking water.