How UV Water Purifier Purifies The Water – Step by Step Guide


UV water purifiers are highly effective in purifying contaminated water with microbial growth. It kills microorganisms growing in polluted water and makes it germ-free using Ultraviolet rays. UV water purifiers work on the principle that strong UV rays uncoil the DNA of microorganisms. After scrambling of DNA microorganisms can’t reproduce nor harm your body. UV rays are effective on many viruses, fungi, bacterias and other microorganisms. It cleanses other impurities along with microbes to make your drinking water fit for consumption.

Water that is polluted has minerals, unwanted salts and also organisms that can cause gut infection and other  diseases. Drinking contaminated water can cause dysentery, cholera, and harmful gut infection. The harmful bacterias and viruses replicate inside our body and infect different organs. Hence, it’s very important to drink water that is purified by a UV water purifier.

How does a UV water purifier purify water?

  • UV water purifier uses strong UV rays of suitable wavelength to kill microorganisms making water germ free. UV rays are effective in killing cysts, bacterias, viruses etc. UV water purifier uses ultraviolet rays of wavelength 254 nanometers. This is very effective in scrambling the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) of microorganisms. Nucleic acid can absorb rays in the range of 240-280nm. UV water purifier utilizes enough energy to emit germicidal UV rays in a suitable range and purifies water.
  • The bacteria when targeted with UV rays become ineffective. They are not able to multiply and are not infectious anymore.
  • The UV water purifier has a lamp which emits UV rays at various temperatures and pressure. An arc lamp that is able to operate at low pressure and much less energy is very effective for household water purification. In markets, there are new and innovative lamps available that are installed into the water purifier and cleanse water from contaminants. Such lamps are used in commercial water tanks and can also be used where water is highly infected with harmful microorganisms.
  • The arc lamps in water purifiers are usually made of mercury. Usually, a tube made of quartz has mercury in the elemental form that emits UV rays at low pressure. The quartz surface is permeable to the UV rays and they pass through the walls of quartz and disinfect water by killing germs. This quartz tube is sealed with O-rings at both ends and it protects mercury and keeps electricity and water separate. The UV lamp has mercury in small beads and they vaporize to emit UV rays.
  • A UV water purifier can effectively kill the following microorganisms.
    • Cryptosporidium
    • Salmonella
    • Dysentery bacilli
    • Giardia
    • Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    • Streptococcus bacterias
    • coli
    • Hepatitis B
    • Cholera
    • Algae (like chlamydomonas)
    • Fungi
    • Some viruses

Due to its competence and effectiveness on a wide range of bacteria, fungi, viruses, it’s a must for all households located in any region.

How Safe is a UV Water Purifier?

The UV Water purifier is absolutely safe. Water disinfected by a UV water purifier is free of germs and chemicals and fit for drinking. The UV water filter doesn’t use any chemicals and hence have no residues of added minerals in the water. Water in the UV purifier gets filtered by using Ultraviolet -C.

UV water filter uses UV rays and we all are aware of how harmful UV rays can be, then how is it safe? That’s because UV rays can be exposed to you only when you see it and come in contact with it. A water purifier has a chamber in which water is stored and allowed to be disinfected by UV rays. Once the water is clean it is shifted to another reservoir tank. There is no chance of leakage of UV rays and hence no harmful consequences.

UV water purification is much safer than other methods. For example, Chlorine water treatment is not as effective in killing microbes in water and also it leaves an aftertaste. While UV rays are effective in killing Fungi, Protozoa and even Cysts. After UV water purification there is no distinct taste and smell added to water. UV water purification is easy and hassle-free. It only requires an electricity supply and that too while the purifier is disinfecting water. Once the reservoir tank is filled with clean water you can disconnect the electricity supply.

UV water purifiers kill 99.99% of the microbes in water. It is a quick and very effective method of cleaning water with no chemical residue in the form of taste or smell. UV water filtration is the best method to get clean water.

Test water quality with ZeroB

Testing water quality before installing a UV water purifier is advised. If the water in your locality is muddy, has solid impurities or has iron content it will be difficult to disinfect water. You need a water purifier that will first cleanse these impurities and then treat water with UV to kill microbes in water. Usually, microbes get hidden behind the surface of solids and hence purification is not that effective.

To check which UV water filter is best for you, you must get the water tested first. You can test water quality with ZeroB at :

Get Clean Drinking Water with ZeroB UV Water Purifier

ZeroB is committed to providing water purification solutions with advanced technology. ZeroB has various UV water purifiers that are effective for in-home setting as well as in commercial space. These UV water filters are energy-efficient and developed with advanced and safe technology. ZeroB UV Water filters are best-sellers and work flawlessly for years.

ZeroB is offering its advanced technology in various models like:- Kitchenmate UV PRO, Kitchenmate UV water purifier and UV Grande water purifier.

ZeroB is the flagship brand of Ion Exchange India Ltd. pioneer in developing innovative and advanced water purification technology. ZeroB has patented advanced water purification technology like HRR, ESS and RESIN technology. All of its products are of high quality and guarantee to provide safe clean drinking water.

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