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Are Hot Water Purifiers Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Analysis

Hot water purifier

A water purifier is not a luxury; it is a basic necessity. Clean water is everyone’s right. Do you know that even today, 6% of India’s population lacks access to safe drinking water? Even if you have access to drinking water on your premises, the water is not safe for consumption without purification due to the potential bacterial contamination, which is quite common.

While pursuing a healthy lifestyle, the importance of clean and purified water cannot be overstated. Hot water purifiers are emerging as a popular option among household owners. But the question remains: Are hot water purifiers worth the investment? Are they an improvement over normal water purifiers?

This blog is a comprehensive analysis of hot water purifiers, weighing their pros and cons so you can make the right decision if you are investing in a hot water purifier.

Understanding ZeroB Hot Water Purifiers

ZeroB hot water purifiers are advanced water purification systems that go beyond the traditional cold-water purifiers. They filter out impurities and contaminants and can provide hot water instantly, making them a versatile addition to modern kitchens.

ZeroB Ignite is a sleek, modern machine that offers cold and hot water as needed. So, no more boiling the water first thing in the morning. Just press “Hot” and obtain hot water.

Pros of Buying a Hot Water Purifier

Here are the pros of buying a hot water purifier:


The biggest advantage of buying a hot water purifier is the convenience that it brings into your life. Do you need hot water first thing in the morning? Then, your first task of the day must be to boil water. Hot water purifiers offer instant access to hot water for beverages, cooking, or other uses, eliminating the need for separate heating appliances.

Energy Efficiency

ZeroB hot water purifier offers energy efficiency. It allows you to heat only the water needed, reducing overall energy consumption.

Health Benefits

Drinking pure water keeps you safe from multiple health problems. Drinking hot water has distinct advantages, as it softens your stool, fights constipation, improves bowel movements, boosts metabolism, improves digestion, and many more.

However, most often, thanks to your busy lifestyle, you don’t have enough time on your hands to boil water in the morning.

In this case, ZeroB Ignite offers you instant hot water and thus allows you to enjoy these health benefits.


No more boiling water anymore. Don’t waste your time when you can have hot water at a simple push of a button.

Dual Functionality

You get the best of both worlds with a hot water purifier, as hot water purifiers offer water purification and hot water dispensing. This consolidation can be space-saving and cost-effective.

Cons of Buying a Hot Water Purifier

Every coin has two sides, so here are some points that you might consider as cons of buying a hot water purifier:

Energy Consumption

There are hot water purifiers available on the market, which are not as energy efficient. However, you can trust ZeroB Ignite on that front, as it is designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Space Requirements

Some hot water purifiers take up extra space due to their additional functionalities. However, this is not the case with ZeroB home water purifiers, as they are ergonomically designed to save space.

Considerations Before Investing in a Hot Water Purifier

Before you buy a ZeroB hot water purifier, consider the factors discussed below so you can make the right choice between a normal water purifier and a hot water purifier.

Usage Patterns

How often do you need hot water? Assess your daily needs. A hot water purifier might align with your needs if you frequently require hot water for various purposes.


Budget can be a deal-maker or deal-breaker. Evaluate your budget and whether you can afford the initial cost plus ongoing maintenance.

Space Availability

Explore our website and check out our different products to choose which fits in your kitchen well. If you have a small kitchen, do not worry. All ZeroB products are designed with Indian kitchens in mind, which fit in your space.

Water Quality

Consider the quality of water in your area. If your primary concern is water purification, you might opt for a standard purifier without the hot water feature.

ZeroB Hot Water Purifier

The decision to invest in a hot water purifier is the right one, as the convenience of instant hot water is undeniable. Thus, we have included everything in this blog, including the pros and cons, which would help you sort out your priorities and decide what you need.

A water purification system is necessary for every home; thus, you should only trust ZeroB. ZeroB products are designed after years of research to offer you all the features in one machine, so you can rejoice in your decision to choose us. We are the industry pioneers when it comes to water purification.

ZeroB hot water purifiers are designed ergonomically to become an essential part of your kitchen and offer you the required water temperature whenever needed.

Check out our products for more information!

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