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Pristine 10 Litres

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Pristine 10 Litres

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier
Converts salty water to pure, crystal clear, natural tasting drinking water
Fully automatic operations
Consume less space, compact and elegant looks
Works on low pressure, thereby lower fouling of membrane

Hexapure Technology
Hexapure Technology purification process ensures pure & safe drinking water

TDS+ Heavy Metal Remover
TDS + Heavy Metal Remover removes excess salts, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, harmful chemicals & heavy metals from water

Fully automatic operations

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Size (litres) 25 litres
Softener Size AS-1
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Dimension (L x W x H) 330 x 320 x 400 (in mm)
Weight 11 kg
Purification flow rate 14 litres / hours
Max. Duty Cycle 70 litres / day
Inlet pressure ( Min / Max) 0.5 kg / / 2.0 kg /
Max. feed water TDS 1300 ppm (Subject to hardness of inlet water been less than 500 ppm)
Rejection of TDS (Min.) Up to 95%
Recovery of pure water (Min.) Up to 35%
Sediment Filter 10 Micron
RO membrane (GPD x No.) 100 GPD x 1
Input voltage 230 VAC ± 10% 50 Hz
Power consumption 30 W maximum
Stages of purification 6

* Under test conditions of water input @750 TDS level

What is Pristine 10 Litres?

It offers double safety of pure drinking water with RO technology.

What is Hexapure technology?

It is the 7 stages of RO water purification process.

Net weight?

11 Kg

Does it work with all types of water – wells, municipal corporation, tap water, etc.?