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Eco RO

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Eco RO

Water purifier with unique HRR and ESS technology
Reduces wastage of water as high as 80%
It also has a 8-stage purification process
The unique Water Saver Cartridge ensures excellent recovery

World's Only
70% Pure water recovery

HRR Technology
3X higher pure water recovery than other conventional RO purifiers

Reduces Wastage
Reduces water wastage by 80%

ESS Technology

ESS Technology
ESS Technology sanitize the tank water & prevent germ build up 24 x 7 by ruling out the decontamination and slime build up of bacterial growth.

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Size (litres) 25 litres
Softener Size AS-1
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Dimension (L x W x H) [in mm] 275 x 230 x 370
Unit weight 12 kg
Purification flow Rate 12 litres / hour
Storage Tank Capacity 6 Litres
Max. Recommended Output 70 Litres / Day
Inlet Pressure ( Min / Max) 0.5 -2.0-kg / cm2
Inlet Water TDS (Max) 1500 ppm (Subject to hardness of inlet water been less than 500 ppm)
Rejection of Salts (TDS) Up to 95%
Pure Water Recovery Up to 70%
Water Saving More than 80% water compared to other RO purifiers
Sediment Filter 10 Micron
RO Membrane 1812 x 1
Power Consumption (Max) 30 Watts
Stages of Purification 9
Pre-Filter Combo block with filter bag
Post RO Protection E-Health catridge with ESS protection
RO Booster Pump 36 V DC
Water Saving Catridge NOVA Catridge

* Under test conditions of water input @750 TDS level

What is Eco RO?

Water purifier with 70% pure water recovery.

What is the HRR technology?

3X higher pure water recovery than other conventional RO purifiers

Special feature?

Reduces water wastage by 80%