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    RO Technology


    Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a technology that is used to remove a majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.

    UV Technology


    Ultraviolet (UV) water purifier provides one of the most effective ways of purifying water by removing biological contaminants. UV purifiers are used to guard against water-borne viruses.

    HRR Technology


    An innovative HRR, High Recovery RO process (patent applied), specifically Water Saver Cartridge( WSC) releases ingredients that continuously sweep away the salts.

    ESS Technology


    In conventional UV purifying systems, even the purest UV purified water that is stored in bottles can get recontaminated due to build-up of slime or bacterial growth.


    Retains the taste of food and makes it healthier for consumption.

    Provides clean, fresh, and odour-free drinking water with added health benefits.

    Ensures healthy hair and skin keeping in check the content of minerals and salt in water.

    Minimizes water and detergent consumption up to 1/3 times for laundry and other cleaning purposes.

    Reduces your plumbing problems and maintenance costs.


    The Water Digest Water Awards 2017

    The Water Digest Water Awards

    Best complete water management solutions provider – Domestic and Institutions

    DG+ Awards 2020

    DG+ Awards 2020

    Best small budget digital marketing campaign – Auto Softener and D-Ferrous

    e4m – Indian Marketing Awards 2019

    e4m – Indian Marketing Awards 2019

    Transformational growth award for #WatchTheWater

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    I recommend this because this is the company which Launch first domestic RO In India.

    And this product has such a unique featured called ESS-ELECTROLITIC SYSTEM SANITIZATION and HRR-HIGH RECOVERY RO with this will the one only RO system company can survive according to the BIS-Bureau of Indian Standard.

    Elfin Fernando

    Service quality is impeccable. My water purifier broke down amidst lockdown.

    Contact Manish Awadh from sales team who immediately directed me to Krishna Sawant from service. Krishna was very responsive and patiently directed me over wapp video call and got my issue resolved. The amazing part is that I was very hesitant to open up the filter. He could have easily washed his hands off but instead he gave me the confidence that I could do it and patiently guide me through till my issue was resolved even though he had no electricity in his own house.

    Amazing team.. Keep it up guys

    Highly recommend ZeroB to my contacts

    Ambrish Bhageria

    After seeing multiple product range, initially I was confused to what product to buy, but having know the features of Zero B Kitchenmate series, which totally matched my requirements, budget, design. I was totally convinced and happy. Along with it the after sales was good too.

    Dhanashree Mane

    Best water purifier company good product and best service you will get.

    Vaibhav Patil


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