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RESIN Technology

Resins are widely used in different separation, purification, and decontamination processes. Ion Exchange India Limited manufactures a variety of Ion Exchange resins designed for the purification of water. 

Water purification resin: 

A. Water purification :

  • Polyiodinated resins are used for disinfection of water which eliminate disease causing microbial contaminants.
  • Iron Specific resin - It reduces iron ( less than 0.3 ppm ) to a safe level as per drinking water standard

B. Water softening :

  • Hardness in water is due to calcium and magnesium salts. Hard water causes scales which clog pipes, decrease efficiency of heaters, coat inside of tea, coffee pots and decrease the life of toilet flushing units. Water softeners remove hardness from water

Ion Exchange is the first company in India to introduce softeners with food grade and NSF certified resin, to meet the customers need and to serve them better ZeroB Water Softeners Autosoft 1, Autosoft 2, Autosoft 3 & 6, comes with Ion Exchange Food Grade ZR NAF resin. No other company in the market can provide a more reliable and trustworthy product than Ion Exchange Water Softeners.

Now all ZeroB Water Softeners comes with upgraded ZeroB Purple Soft Food Grade Resin which gives your family a safe & soft water for healthy life.