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Puriline 4 Litres

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Puriline 4 Litres

Safe and natural tasting water from puriline 4
Effectively removes bacteria and viruses
It has higher dispensing capacity of 4 litres per minute
There is only food grade material used inside

ZeroB Pure Water

Cartridge purification life
Gives 40,000 litres of bacteria and viruses free drinking water.

Removes physical impurities
High quality filter efficiently removes mud, sand, dust & other suspended impurities. Reduces turbidity by 70%

Iodinated Resin Technology
Permanently kills Bacteria and Viruses that cause water-borne diseases like Polio, Hepatitis, Typhoid & gives pure drinking water.

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Size (litres) 25 litres
Softener Size AS-1
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Dimension (L x W x H) 445 x 145 x 445 (in mm)
Cartridge life 40,000 litres
Maximum working pressure 6.0 kg/cm sq.
Minimum working pressure 0.5 kg/cm sq.
Operating flow 4 litres / min.
Weight 3.8 kgs (approx.).

The flow may reduce if the filter gets clogged or if the pressure of the line is low

What is Puriline 4 litres?

This product doesn't require electricity for safe & natural tasting water.

Net weight?

3.8 Kg

What is Iodinated Resin Technology?

It is a unique purification technology based on the natural process of electrostatic attraction.