Rakshak Iron Remover

Rakshak is a non-electrical iron remover designed for use in Indian households, schools and offices.


ZeroB Rakshak purifier removes iron and suspended particles alongside chlorine, organics, mud and foul taste from water. Also, it eliminates diseases causing bacteria making water safe for consumption.

Pure drinking water

Helps in eliminating foul metallic taste and provides soft, quality drinking water.

Easy to use

It is fitted with a unique user-friendly backwash valve that regulates all functions.

Purification process

4-stage purification process and an auto shut-off germicidal cartridge with exhaust indicator.

Capacity of upper fill container 5 Litres
Capacity of Purified water container 10 Litres
Iron remover cartridge capacity 6000 Litres
Germicidal cartridge capacity 6000 Litres
Purifier flow rate 10 LPH
Germicidal cartridge end indicator Auto shut off or Red Strip
Net Weight 3.25 Kgs
Product Dimensions 610x320mm