POU Softenizer

A sleek wall-mounted and portable water softener for homes.


Increase the life and efficiency of costly appliances with ZeroB’s Softenizer. It consists of a tank containing Ion Exchange Resin Media which helps in reducing calcium and magnesium ions from water.

RESIN Technology

Resins are widely used in various separation, purification, and decontamination processes. Ion Exchange India Limited manufactures a variety of Ion Exchange resins designed for the purification of water.

Sleek and easy to fit

TPOU Softenizer can be attached to Geysers, Washing Machine, Shower, etc.

Softest water ever

Provides soft water that aids in reducing hair loss and preventing skin ailments.

Prevents damage

Softenizer softens water and ensures no damage to bathroom fitting and appliances.

Increases washing power of detergents

Retains fabric’s colour and feel while reducing consumption of soaps and shampoo.

Improved life span

Increases the life span of washing machines, water heaters etc.

Flow Rate 8-10 ltr / Min
Max. allowable hardness in the raw water as CaC03 500 ppm
Max. allowable hardness (outlet) in treated water as CaC03 < 50 ppm
Soft water output 300 ltr (at hardness of 500 ppm)
  600 ltr (at hardness of 250 ppm)
Recharging Time 30 Minutes
Mode of Recharging Manual
Recharging Material Palletized Recharging Salt
Min./ Max. Operating pressure 0.5 – 2 kg/ cm²
Inlet port size ½ BSP
Dimension 550 (height) x 150 mm (diameter)
Weight 6.85 Kg

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