Lab-Q Ultra

An integrated Type I and Type II water maker for multiple lab applications.


Lab-Q Ultra produces Type I ultrapure water and Type II pure water simultaneously. The produced water has a very low total organic carbon content which meets the requirement of liquid chromatography and all spectroscopy methods, besides microbiological and molecular biology applications. It also meets ISO 3696 Type 1 standards.

Dispensing of ultrapure water is configured on the front panel whereas pure water is dispensed from the storage tank. For feed water with a higher level of TDS i.e. >500 ppm a customized pre-treatment module can be designed prior to INDION Lab-Q Ultra.

Dry run protection

Ensures protection of the pump when inlet water is unavailable.

Automatic flush device (AFD)

Ensures periodic cleaning of the filter system.

Online resistivity meter

Displays product water quality for continuous monitoring.

Optional flexible dispensing

Remote water dispenser which offers dispensing at various angles and height.

Point-of-use filter

Ensures compliance to microbial reduction values.

Electrolytic auto sanitizer

Ensures periodic sanitization of upstream purifying filters.

High purity storage tank

A built-in UV, protective air filter and high-grade tank material ensure sustained purity while in storage.

Integrated recirculation system

Ensures consistent quality of water and reduces TOC to low levels (2-5 ppb).