Auto Soft – 6 Water Softener

A water softener for homes that provide water that is as fresh and soft as morning dew.


Auto Soft 6 converts hard water into soft water and comes with distinctive Purple Resin Media. It is a water softener for home that increases the lifespan of expensive bathrooms and kitchen appliances. Moreover, the use of Auto Soft 3 reduces plumbing problems with scale deposition on bathroom fittings.

RESIN Technology

Resins are widely used in various separation, purification, and decontamination processes. Ion Exchange India Limited manufactures a variety of Ion Exchange resins designed for the purification of water.

Softest water ever

Provides soft water that aids in reducing hair loss and preventing skin ailments.

Prevents damage to appliances

Auto Soft 6 softens water and ensures no damage to bathroom fitting and appliances.

Automatic recharge

The system works with zero manual intervention and is truly automatic.

Capacity of upper fill container 5 Litres
Capacity of Purified water container 10 Litres
Purifier flow rate 200 ml/min
Turbidity Removal By 70%
Net Weight (kg) 2.4
Product Dimensions (H * W) (mm) 610 x 320

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