Auto Soft – 1

A water softener for homes that provide water that is as fresh and soft as morning dew.



Auto Soft 1 converts hard water into soft water and comes with distinctive Purple Resin Media. Through its Revolutionary Food Grade Resin, the treated water does not leach out harmful chemicals and is thus useful for utensil cleansing. Moreover, the use of Auto Soft ensures zero stains on kitchen appliances.

RESIN Technology

Resins are widely used in various separation, purification, and decontamination processes. Ion Exchange India Limited manufactures a variety of Ion Exchange resins designed for the purification of water.

Softest water ever

Provides soft water that aids in reducing hair loss and preventing skin ailments.

Prevents damage to appliances

Auto Soft 1 softens water and ensures no damage to bathroom fitting and appliances.

Increases washing power of detergents

Retains fabric’s colour and feel while reducing consumption of soaps and shampoo.

Improved life span

Increases the life span of washing machines, water heaters etc.

Water Flow 1000 LPH
Dimensons (L*W*H) 330*470*660 (mm)
Inlet Water Pressure required (Min-Max) 1.5 to 3.5 kg/cm2
Inlet max Hardness (As Caco3) 800 ppm
Treated Hardness (As Caco3) <50 ppm
Inlet/Outlet Connection Size 1 inch
Drain Line 0.5 inch
Electric Supply 230 V AC/6 Amp – 1 point electric
Treated water output at 500ppm 800 ltrs.
Salt Tank Capacity 20 kg
Purple resin quantity 12.5 ltrs
Installation footprint Table top
Softener Vessels Included
Process Valve Fully Automatic Programmable
Regeneration Pump Not applicable
Salt per recharge in kgs 2

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