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Pristine Pro

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Dimension (D x W x H) (mm) : 350 x 400 x 440

A Smart RO purifier with a user-friendly LED display for easy functioning. 10 stage purification system to ensure safe and healthy drinking water at all times.

HRR – High Recovery Rate
Reduces wastage of water and provides 3 times higher recovery than any other conventional purifiers. It recovers up to 70% of water, hence making it eco-friendly. An international breakthrough in domestic RO purification technology, which reduces the water wastage by 80%

E-Health cartridge

Most RO purifiers remove 90-95% of contaminants including mineral that hamper the taste of water. Unique E-health cartridge in Pristinepro adds some amount of minerals, thereby improving the taste and correction the pH of water.

ESS – Electronic Sanitizing System
ESS Technology releases silver ions in RO treated water. Thus, protecting the stored tank water and preventing germ infestation 24x7.

Saves 80% more water compared to conventional water purifiers

Storage capacity of 10 litres

More Information
Size (litres) 25 litres
Softener Size AS-1

10 stage purification:

ZeroB Pristinepro safeguards the health of your family. It's multistage pre-filter comes with a high integrity filter bag, dedicated 5 micron filter; silver impregnated activated carbon and e-health catridge(purification stages 1,2,3,8,9 and 10 E) that corrects mineral balance, attains desired pH and provides natural tasting water.

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Dimension (D x W x H) (mm) 350 x 400 x 440
Purification Flow Rate 10* Litres / Hour
Inlet Water Conditions 6 Litres
Inlet opening Inlet opening from your ½” BSP male thread connection
Inlet Pressure ( Min / Max) 0.5 – 2.0 kg/cm 2
Max. inlet water (TDS) 1500 ppm (subject to hardness of inlet water being less than 500 ppm)
Water saving 80% (Tap water saved)
Rejection of salts (TDS) Up to 95% Recovery 60-70% (ratio of pure water / reject water)
Electric supply
Operating voltage 230+_10% VAC
Power consumption 30 Watts (Max.)
RO booster pump 24 VDC
Purification stages
Prefilter Combo filter, Integrated filter bag, Dedicated 5 micron filter, Bacteriostatic silver impregnated activated carbon
Sediment filter PP spun, 5 – 10 micron
Water saver cartridge Nova cartridge
Reverse Osmosis membrane Ultra low fouling membrane
E-health cartridge Electrolytic sanitizing system, Silver impregnated carbon.
LED display (Ion Eye) Bar graph for cartridge replacement Displays quality of product water Indications – Tank full, No water, RO process ON, ESS ON, WSC ON

What is Pristine Pro?

A smart purifier which adds essential minerals to water after RO purification. This gives water its natural taste, makes it healthier for the body and retains balanced pH levels.

Can it be used for offices?


How does it save 80% more water?

The HRR (Higher Recovery Ratio) Technology of this purifier enables it to dramatically reduce water wastage in the purification process, thus giving more drinkable water than conventional RO purifiers.