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POU Softenizer

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POU Softenizer

Softenizer is a sleek wall mounted model to reduce calcium and magnesium ions
It consists of a tank containing Ion Exchange Resin Media
It helps to increase life and efficiency of costly appliances

Saves electricity bills
Because it functions without electricity

Sleek And Easy to Fit
POU Softenizer can be attached to Geysers, Washing Machine, Shower, etc.

Increases washing power of detergents
Reduces consumption of soap and shampoo

More Information
Size (litres) 25 litres
Softener Size AS-1
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Flow Rate 8-10 ltr / Min
Max. allowable hardness in the raw water as CaC03 500 ppm
Max. allowable hardness (outlet) in treated water as CaC03 < 50 ppm
Soft water output 300 ltr (at hardness of 500 ppm)
600 ltr (at hardness of 250 ppm)
Recharging Time 30 Minutes
Mode of Recharging Manual
Recharging Material Palletized Recharging Salt
Min./ Max. Operating pressure 0.5 - 2 kg/ cm²
Inlet port size ½ BSP
Dimension 550 (height) x 150 mm (diameter)
Weight 6.85 Kg
The POU Softenizer only removes excess hardness from water but it does not disinfect or purify the water.
Inlet water should be free from oil, grease & excessive turbidity.

What is POU Softenizer?

It is the easiest way to soften water

Is it portable?


Where all can it be attached?

Households, Offices

How to install it?

Comes with an installation and technical specification guide.