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Zero B Kitchenmate is a contemporary water purifier that maintains your kitchen's aesthetics without interfering with interiors. Kitchenmate treats water through 7 stages of purification with the patented ESS technology that sanitises complete system against germ & slime build up, thus providing you highest quality of pure & safe drinking water.

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RO + ESS Technology

ESS releases silver ions in RO treated water, thus preventing slime build up in storage tank & associated distribution system

NO UV & UF Filtration Processes

Post RO purification, UF or UV processes will not offer protection against slime forming bacteria in the tank and tubings, which ESS technology promises to offer

Space Management

Its sleek and compact design makes Kitchenmate easy to be placed under the sink

Easy to clean

Equipped with magnetic latches that enable you to easily remove the front cover and eases the maintenance of RO unit

Kitchenmate Placements

Right side mounting

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Back side mounting

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On floor placement

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I can highly recommend Zero B’s Smart ‘Kitchen Mate RO’ to everyone, who is looking for a stylish water purifier with double safety for their designer kitchens. The under the sink water purifier can be easily stored inside the kitchen cabinets and keep the outer space look neat and clean. Thank you Zero B.

Akshay Gupta

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