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Icy Hot Free Standing

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Icy Hot Free Standing

Zero B IcyHot is a sleek and well styled unit that delivers purified and protected water
It is well suited for offices, institutions, high end retail outlets for serving cold and hot water
It is available in two options - Free standing and Counter top.
It comes with 3 variants RO+ESS, UV+ESS and ESS.

Modern design
Sleek well styled dispensing unit.

Smart indicators
Soft backlit indications for power, heating and cooling.

Ease of serviceability
The water dispenser incorporates an easy to access purification module which makes the servicing quick and easy.

More Information
Size (litres) 25 litres
Softener Size AS-1
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Counter top Free standing
Water tank capacity Hot 1.1 litre /Cold 3.3 litre
Output flow rate 10 litre/hour*
Dimension [Basic unit] 270 x 530 x 580mm 270 x 420 x 1100mm
Weight Net 23.5kg / Gross 26kg Net 26.3kg / Gross 31kg
Inlet water conditions
Inlet opening Inlet opening 1/2 BSP male thread connection
Inlet water -
Inlet pressure 0.5-2.0 kg/cm2
Inlet turbidity Less than 5 NTU
Maximum Inlet water TDS Up to 1200 ppm [subject to hardness of inlet water being
less than 500ppm]
Water saving 80% [Tap water saved]
Rejection of salts[TDS] Up to 95%
Recovery Up to 70% [Ratio of good water / bad water]
Iron Silica Mn -
Free Chlorine -
Electrical Specifications
Operating voltage 230+10% VAC
Power consumption of RO Purifier 30 Walts max
UV Purifier/ESS Purifier
Heating power / Cooling power 550W / 100W
Heating capacity 5 L/H, 85°C-95°C
Cooling capacity 2 L/H, 8°C-15°C
Purification stages
Prefilter: Integrated filter bag dedicated 5 micron filter Bacteriostatic silver impregnated activated carbon
Stages Water saver cartidge: ESS and E-clean
Sediment filter: 5 micron filter
RO membrane: ULF 80 GPO
E-Health combo filter: Electrolytic water protector Silver impregnated carbons
RO On / UV On / Pump On Red - Blue flasher LED
Power On Red - LED
Cooler On Blue - LED
Heater On Red - LED
Under standard conditions.

What is Icy Hot Free Standing?

Provides with Hot and Cold water

How many outlets does it have?

2 outlets, one for hot water and the other one for cold

Water tank capacity?

Hot 1.1 litre /Cold 3.3 litre