The Price of Clean Water: Exploring RO Water Filters and Their Prices

The Price of Clean Water - Exploring RO Water Filters and Their Prices

Have you ever wondered what the price of clean water is? Polluted water causes multiple health problems, including diarrhea and other infections, which take almost 200000 lives in a growing and developing country like India. Water is life, but contaminated water can take your life. Investing in an RO water filter can save your and […]

ZeroB Ignite Hot and Normal Water Purifier – Stay Hydrated and Healthy


The human body is made up of approx. 70 percent of water. So, the element being the most prominent in human body requires that you are properly hydrated at all times.  But drinking water regularly has become a task. Between work, office, friends, you almost forget that you must drink water. Do you know that […]

The Benefits of Choosing an Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (ACMC) for your RO water purifier


It is always advisable to choose an agreement for any product purchase that requires comprehensive maintenance and periodic servicing to ensure its efficient performance. And such agreement is commonly known as ACMC (Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract). Nowadays, ACMC is offered by many manufacturers and sellers to formalize the process while maintaining a long-term relationship with their […]

How Does Reverse Osmosis Filtration Work?


Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a popular and ingenious water filtration process that has been used for around 5 decades. It is a technique to remove salt, dirt, and harmful chemicals from water to make it safe and pure for industrial, domestic, and medical applications. Nowadays, an RO water filter is the most important home appliance […]

Kill Unwanted Bacteria and Viruses from your UV Water Purifier

Safe Drinking Water with UV Water Purifier

Today, a lot of emphasis is being made on drinking safe and pure water. The government has been making efforts to provide varied solutions to areas where there is shortage of safe and pure drinking water as well as making sure that supply of sanitized water is met. In the meantime, water purifiers are now […]

Does your water purifier, filter water with more than 3000 ppm— Use Zero B Power RO?

Zero B Power RO Water Purifier

The water quality of India is a real challenge to all water purifier manufacturers. There is a wide distinction in water quality from place to place like high turbidity, heavy microbial contamination, iron content, presence of other toxic chemicals etc. Thus, the water issue in India worsens with each passing year. Surface water in river […]

Experience the Goodness of Minerals in your Glass of Water with Magna Plus

Magna Plus RO Water Purifier

How does Zero B Magna Plus purify water? Experience the goodness of minerals in your glass of water with Magna Plus Drinking water is important for every one of us, considering awareness about contamination and its dangers. This has become a serious topic of discussion as water-borne diseases affect thousands of people each year, especially […]

Does RO Water Purifier Give Pure and Safe Water?


Water is Life Water is an important source for everyone. Right from its need for drinking to its use in farming, we regularly need water for various day-to-day chores. Everything that has life, needs water for nurturing. For instance, water needed for drinking purpose needs to be clean, purified and safe for consumption. On the […]

Zero B Eco RO – Unleash the Extra-Ordinary Features of This Unique RO Water Purifier


Today, easy availability of pure, clean and safe drinking water is a concern due to growing population, industrial developments, and environmental factors, among others. With major concerns surrounding us, it is imperative to be aware of water purifiers with various purification techniques that emphasizes on the quality of water and drinking water standards of water […]