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Suraksha Plus Pro

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Suraksha Plus Pro

Suraksha Plus Pro is non electric water purifier with 4 Stages water purification has Washable Hi-Q filter, Bacteriostatic activated carbon, Active disinfectant and Special magnitube

1. Resin Technology : Kills bacteria and viruses that cause water -borne diseases
2. Non-Electric Purifier : No electricity or boiling required
3. Cartridge Purification Life : Gives 3,000 litres of bacteria & virus free drinking water
4. Removes physical impurities : Efficently removes mud, sand, dust & other suspended impurities

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Size (litres) 25 litres
Softener Size NA
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Capacity of upper fill container 5 Litres
Capacity of Purified water container 10 Litres
Purifier flow rate 200 ml/min
Turbidity Removal By 70%
Net Weight (kg) 2.4
Product Dimensions (H * W) (mm) 610 x 320

Product water meets IS 10500 drinking water standards

* Ion Exchange (I) Ltd reserves the rights for any amendments or modifications or changes in the above mentioned technical specifications without any notice. * Under standard test conditions

Does Gravity filter – Suraksha Plus Pro need electricity?

Gravity based water purifiers do not use electricity

When to clean Suraksha Plus Pro cartridge

It is recommended to clean the filter once in a week. Incase where the turbidity is high, it should be cleaned whenever flow becomes very less. The washable HI-Q filter has to be cleaned from inside and outside by flushing them under running water. The washable HI-Q filter should be cleaned more frequently where water quality is bad.

When does your cartridge need replacement?

The Zero B Suraksha Plus Pro cartridge gives 3000 litres of purified & bacteria free water. For an average family of four, the cartridge should last for six months after which the cartridges need to be replaced. Call Zero B Help Desk 022 6618 1234 for Cartridge refill.

How to maintain Zero B Suraksha Plus Pro?

Zero B Suraksha Plus Pro Storage water purifier is practically maintenance free, but to avoid decrease in flow rate of water to keep it working at its best efficiency, clean it weekly as mentioned below:

  • Empty all water from the filter.
  • Unscrew the top washable HI-Q filter, top disc nut of the cartridge. Press and release the strainer
  • (pumping action) under running water till water coming out is free from dirt. Do not brush or use any
  • other sharp scrubber for scrubbing the filter dome
  • Hold the top portion of the washable HI-Q filter and repeat the same till clear water comes out
  • Do not use soap/detergent for cleaning the internal parts.

What Technology Surksha Plus Pro has?

It has resin technology which kills bacteria and virus that cause water borne disease

How long does the gravity base filter/purifier last?

Since the filters and purifiers can continuously be back-washed and re-used they have an extremely long life. The filter/purifier membrane may never need to be replaced, however when the flow rate slows or the filter clogs, simply backwash the unit with the provided back-washing device to clear out the pores.