For a country that relies on the monsoon season for survival, Climate Change is an alarmingly serious issue in terms of short-term effects. In the recent past, India has not been blessed with a timely and sufficient monsoon.

This combined with prolonged neglected water management has placed us in a paradoxical situation. Erratic monsoon patterns have led to a serious water deficit situation in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Delhi over the last decade. On the other hand states like Assam, Bihar and Maharashtra are facing excessive rainfall that has led to death and destruction in the wake of floods.

In light of these issues, we must assure that we are consuming purified water. Our responsibility does not end there. We must adopt eco-friendly alternatives of all products, especially water treatment systems to restrict wastage.

Zero B provides one such reliable and useful alternative – the Eco RO Purifier. Commonly for every one glass of water that your water purifier provides you with, it wastes up to three glasses. The Eco RO limits this wastage by recovering 70% of the water and saving up to 80% water.  It is equipped with superior HRR technology that ensures 3X higher quality of pure water recovery than other conventional RO purifiers. In present-day India, we not only have a responsibility towards our health but also towards the state of the Earth. With Zero B’s Eco RO we can achieve this perfect balance.

In June 2018 the NITI Aayog had predicted that 21 cities including Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai will run out of groundwater as early as 2020. Due to this demand, there is an excessive extraction of groundwater resulting in contaminated water with harmful chemicals such as arsenic nitrate and fluoride. Pure water is something we cannot compromise on and at the same time we must do our bit for the problems faced by our country. For this purpose the Eco RO is the best option.