Remove Hydrogen Sulfide

Why to remove Hydrogen Sulfide from water?
Is it necessary to remove hydrogen sulfide?
What are the health hazards of hydrogen sulfide?
Is hydrogen sulfide readily oxidized?
Can chlorine help remove all contaminants?

Hydrogen sulfide in drinking water is a nuisance-contaminant. Though it is generally not a health hazard, its offensive odor and corrosive properties usually make treatment necessary.

In well aerated water, hydrogen sulfide is readily oxidized to sulfates and biologically oxidized to elemental sulfur. In the absence of dissolved oxygen in water, microbial reduction of sulfate to sulfide can occur.

Various treatment alternatives exist for treating Water with Hydrogen Sulfide contamination, however, chlorination is the most common and effective method.

Chlorination is an effective treatment for removing hydrogen sulfide more so because Iron and manganese frequently occur in association with hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine can help remove all three of these nuisance contaminants.

Always get your water tested by trained water experts, before buying a Water Purifier as it is necessary what type of contaminants are present in your water.

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