Water Filtration System

We all know how important it is to consume pure drinking water. The demand for pure and clean water is rising day by day and hence it is important to have a good water filtration system installed at home. But with plenty of good water purifiers available in the market, choosing the right one is not an easy task. So, to help you in your decision-making process, we’ll tell you some of the most common types of water filtration systems in India.

But before identifying the right system, it is necessary to test the water that you receive. This will help you in understanding the impurities water contains and determining the type of filter that can serve you best.

Once you’ve tested the water, finding the right system becomes easy. Below are the four most common types of water filtration systems.

  1. Activated Carbon filter - This filter helps in removing larger particles like sediments as well as chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It also helps in removing any odour and ensuring a better and tasteful drinking water.
  2. Alkaline filter - If the water that you receive is hard, this filtration method can help. Electrolysis is used in this method where the water goes over the plates that are electrically charged, resulting in much softer water.
  3. Ultraviolet filter - This system uses ultraviolet radiation to treat water in order to destroy bacteria and viruses. It is one of the most environmentally friendly methods to filter water, however, it won’t help in removing minerals or fluoride.
  4. Reverse Osmosis filter - It is one of the most popular filtration methods because it can remove numerous contaminants from the water.

The above filtration systems can be wall-mounted with its primary usage being in the kitchen. However, if you wish to have pure and safe water throughout your home, a whole house water filtration system home water solutions is a good investment.